Strictly’s Tess Daly fuels Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola romance rumours
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 07, 2023 - 09:31PM

presenters and have done little to dampen claims and are dating.

when former contestant labelled them ‘the most beautiful couple’ before going into overdrive when they were seen and generally

Vito, 31, then added more fuel to the fire when he made about the 22-year-old former Coronation Street actress, although they have also been accused of creating a .

However, Tess, 54, seemed to hint the pair’s relationship is more than friendship while appearing on It Takes Two with on Wednesday night.

When asked about, Tess raised a knowing eyebrow and squealed ‘Oooooh.’

Giving her verdict, she continued: ‘I think with Ellie, she’s just having so much fun.

Rumours have been swirling for weeks Ellie and Vito are more than just friends (Picture: BBC)
The pair have done little to dampen the rumours, with Vito even making a raunchy remark (Picture: ITV)

‘And that’s a part of it for her, because she’s loving every second of the training room with Vito.

‘They get on so well, so it’s not like work for her! It’s like, ‘Yeah, give me another one, I’m loving this.’

Echoing Tess’ sentiment, Claudia enthused about the positive impact Vito was having on Ellie.

She explained: ‘She’s much more confident and he’s done that for her.’

Ellie and Vito have been causing a stir on the ballroom floor with their saucy routines (Picture: PA)
Ellie and Vito have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours (Picture: BBC)

Despite there being about Vito and Ellie ‘dating’, body language expertthey were just friends.

‘They’re the smoulderingly hot Strictly couple who get sweaty, sultry, and sensual out there on the dancefloor each week but is this a romance or a fauxmance? At present their body language signals are saying ‘showmance’, mainly because Vito is trying so hard to suggest otherwise,’ Judi explained.

Vito and Ellie were even back on her ITV show about their relationship status – but they expertly dodged the loaded question.

Tess and Claudia enthused about Vito and Ellie’s relationship(Picture: PA)

Jumping in, Vito spoke about how close they’ve become and how he now considers Ellie’s family his own.

‘I’ve honestly found that not just Ellie, but her family have become like another family to me,’ he shared.

Meanwhile, Ellie’s mum Karen previously expressed her view that her daughter has ‘blossomed into a beautiful, young, confident woman’, with the professional dancer ‘helping her focus on her self-confidence and inner strengths’, as well as her dancing skills.

The plot thickens…

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