Sue Barker claims BBC brutally offered A Question Of Sport job back after sacking her
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 05, 2022 - 09:33AM

Sue Barker was let go from A Question Of Sport in September 2020 after 24 years (Picture: BBC)

Sue Barker has claimed that the BBC offered her job on A Question Of Sport back to her just.

The beloved sports star presented the hit quiz show for 24 years but was booted out of her role , with team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell also departing.

One week before filming her final show, Sue claims she received a call to say the story her exit was about to break.

‘I was sent a statement that the BBC wanted me to approve immediately, saying the three of us had decided to step aside,’ she penned in her autobiography, shared with .

‘They hadn’t bothered to get a quote from me. Why hadn’t they reacted to our request earlier? Why had we been shown so little respect?’

Sue, along with Matt and Phil refused to sign the document, but the pressure from the corporation kept coming.

The former tennis ace claims that the BBC offered her old job back weeks after sacking her (Picture: BBC)

‘Next, I was asked to announce that I was leaving for the good of the show,’ she claimed.

‘I was astounded. Was that because I was too old or not good enough? Either way, it was insulting. Did they actually expect me to sack myself?

‘I told the BBC to own their decision and declare publicly that they wanted to refresh the show; I wasn’t going to lie to make it easier for them.’

In a bizarre twist, Sue claims the BBC then tried to get her back on side.

‘Unbelievably, they then offered me my job back, but as I couldn’t help but feel they didn’t want me any more, I declined,’ she penned.

Sue left the panel show along with team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell (Picture: BBC)

‘The following day, I was again asked to say I was leaving “for the good of the show”. What on earth were they thinking?’

It was announced in September 2020 that Sue would be leaving A Question Of Sport.

A BBC spokeswoman said at the time: ‘We would like to thank Sue for her enormous contribution as the show’s longest-reigning host over the last 24 years, and Matt and Phil for their excellent team captaincy over 16 and 12 years respectively.

‘Together they have ensured A Question of Sport remains a firm favourite with the BBC One audience.’ has contacted the BBC for comment. ... 40031 ... enges ... ments ... owers ... owing ... omain ... yn-ny ... 96046 ... 9f2a2 ... dedme ... dedme ... 77477 ... ot-me ... naija ... 40031 ... ut-us ... 5293/ ... 37557


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