Sylvester Stallone made young daughter carry knife in school backpack
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 22

Sylvester Stallone clearly goes above and beyond to keep his family safe, and would load his daughters up with weapons before they went to .

The Rocky actor is dad to five children, sharing sons Sage and Seargeoh with his first wife, Sasha Czack.

He also welcomed daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet with Jennifer Flavin, and the family have opened their doors , the Family Stallone.

The new episodes landed on Paramount+ today in the – ahead of the premiere in the UK on February 22 – with the dad-of-five revealing the over the years, to ensure they come to no harm.

In the premiere episode, the 77-year-old suggested that they embark on a self-defense refresher course, telling the camera that he ‘can’t sleep at night’ .

Unpacking his fears in a confessional, Sistine, 25, confessed: ‘My dad is the most paranoid person on the planet. He made us practice pepper-spray each other.

Sistine Stallone revealed the wild lengths her dad went to to keep her safe (Picture: Getty)

‘He put a little knife in my backpack in fourth grade.’

Students in the fourth grade are normally aged between nine and 10 years old, meaning she was very young to be carrying the weapon…

Her sibling claimed that Sly also made them ‘learn how to fight off a coyote’, just in case a bizarre situation ever arose.

As Sistine shared that she currently carries a ‘knife in her shoe’, her dad fumed that it wasn’t enough.

Sylvester Stallone returned for season two of the Family Stallone with wife Jennifer and their daughters (Picture: Getty)

‘Since you guys have moved to New York, it’s made me very uneasy,’ he continued. ‘I’m paranoid anyway because I have a responsibility as a father to do everything I can.

‘The first thing is we have to learn about a little self-defense.’

Sly’s eldest daughter, Sophia, was left unimpressed by his suggestion, insisting that the family were well prepared for any dangers.

‘When you’re raised by someone whose entire identity is being the biggest badass in the world, I knew how to run faster, hit harder than anybody in my grade,’ the 27-year-old added.

Sly proved that he is a very protective dad (Picture: Getty)

‘I’m a little shocked at the fact he thinks we need to have more training on top of it, when we’ve been raised with it for the last 20 years.

‘It’s a little bit of an insult that he doesn’t think we’re stronger than that.’

The first season of the Family Stallone was released last year, introducing viewers to the action icon’s wife and their three daughters.

It was a busy year for Sly and co, as he also fronted his very own Netflix documentary, where he opened up about just how much his brood mean to him.

The Hollywood icon previously opened up about the importance (Picture: Getty)

‘When you’re a truly absorbed filmmaker you put things before your family, and the repercussions are quite devastating,’ he said in the special. ‘If I lost everything, could I actually go back and start over again? Not without family.

‘Without the love of a wife or children, what is this? These are just pictures of something that never existed.

‘If I can take my frustration and voice it, I have a funny feeling that there’s millions of people that have that same frustration, that were overlooked. I’m in the hope business.’

The Family Stallone is available to stream on Paramount+ now.