Tales of the Walking Dead trailer reveals first look at Terry Crews and Olivia Munn in action – but you’ve been warned, this is tense viewing
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 16

The very first trailer for Tales of has landed and, honestly, it’s got us more excited than we were expecting.

Already and ’ characters have very different approaches to fighting for survival in the zombie apocalypse, if the new teaser is anything to go by.

Olivia’s Evie grabs a pocket knife and whips out its blade in an apparent attempt to scare off the flesh-eating creatures, while Terry’s Joe is left holding on to a slightly bemused calf.

Despite the impending doom and threat of a torturous death, the duo even find the time to crack a joke.

In one scene, Olivia, who with star John Mulaney, tells Terry, 53: ‘You are part of this beautiful place.’

But the r quips back: ‘Beautiful?’

Glancing down at the zombie corpse splayed over the floor, Olivia responds: ‘Well, not here.’

Olivia isn’t taking any chances (Picture: AMC)
Not sure that’s the best weapon (Picture: AMC)
Viewers of Tales of the Walking Dead look like they’ll be in for some gore (Picture: AMC)

Elsewhere in the trailer, Blair (Parker Posey), who may not be in the most suitable attire to slay some evil monsters, donning a fluffy green gilet, says: ‘Want to try something new?’

In the office with her is Sanda Dolan (Jillian Bell), sporting a tweed jacket, teases: ‘What are you thinking?’

There’s also lots of shots of zombies looking extremely menacing – we’re talking a gang of the undead with flesh falling off their bones ominously approaching what we can guess is one very unlucky victim.

Olivia shared a lovely picture of her boyfriend with their baby son (Picture: Rex/Getty/oliviamunn)
Terry hosts America’s Got Talent – quite a different gig… (Picture: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

of long-running horror series The Walking Dead.

Featuring new and old characters, the six-parter is an anthology series, promising a load of terrifying storylines.

Speaking about the show, showrunner Channing Powell said: ‘‘We’ve been hoping these episodes will feel like unique, little films and with this range of actors, we are well on our way.’

will premiere on AMC and AMC Plus in the US and Disney Plus in the UK on Sunday, August 14.