Taylor Swift fans turn on billionaire star over ‘insane’ price to rent Eras Concert film for 48 hours
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 13, 2023 - 06:41PM
Taylor Swift is in hot water with fans over the price to rent her Eras Concert Film (Picture: Getty)

fans are not happy at the price it costs to rent her concert film.

The Wildest Dreams star, 34, , and her Eras Tour has clinched the title of , with in the costing up to $499 plus fees.

Fans who were able to see it in cinemas, with prices for , a reference.

Taylor’s Eras Concert film is now available to rent – not to stream or buy, just to rent for 48 hours – with a US price tag of $19.89, or £15.99 in the UK.

It comes with three bonus songs not seen in the cinema version: Wildest Dreams, The Archer and Long Live.

While plenty of Swifties jumped at the chance to watch Taylor perform in their sitting rooms, others were seriously unimpressed at both the price and the fact you can’t buy it – and if you want to watch it again after the 48 hours has passed, you have to pay the same price to rent it again.

The tour itself is believed to be the most profitable in music history and helped the star be named a billionaire (Picture: AFP)

Twitter, aka X, user Mia, whose account is all things Taylor Swift, took to the site to apologise to Taylor, writing: ‘£15 to rent the Eras Tour. I am sorry I just can’t afford it. Love you Taylor so much.’

User Samantha took a different angle, hitting out at the star as she wrote: ‘Taylor Swift is celebrating her bday by asking her fans to pay TWENTY dollars to RENT the eras tour movie. Girl you’re a billionaire wtf! $20 to own it sure but rent? I paid that to watch it in the theater!’

Fans paid out to watch the concert in cinemas at up to £18.89 a ticket (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

Some accused Taylor of being ‘money hungry’ while others declared they would ‘refuse’ to rent the film at that price, calling it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘insane.’

Riley called it ‘insanity’ to ‘be paying $20 to RENT the eras movie,’ while Morg said people would pirate the film ‘because she made it 20 dollars to RENT A MOVIE!!! im sorry thats insane for a billionaire that supposedly loves her fans.’

And Meagan complained about the price ‘when we fully paid $1200 for two tickets’ to see Taylor herself in concert.

Taylor was named a billionaire in October this year, with her net worth reaching astronomical heights thanks in part to her .

Plenty of Swifties will still fork out to rent the film for 48 hours but others have refused (Picture: Getty Images for TAS Rights Management )

As reported by , Taylor is now worth $1.1billion (£905million), joining the likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian in the billionaires club.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, $400m (£329m) of Taylor’s net worth comes from music released by her since 2019, $370m (£305m) comes from ticket sales and merchandise, and $120m (£99m) comes from Spotify and YouTube earnings.

Taylor previously engaged in negotiations with streaming platforms like Spotify over how her music is monetised, which was also monumental in the industry.

She’s also added to her discography in recent years by releasing re-recorded versions of her earlier work in Taylor’s quest 

She has so far released ‘Taylor’s Verions’ of Fearless (2008), Red (2012), Speak Now (2010), and 1989 (2014).

Metro.co.uk has contacted reps for Taylor for comment.