The Apprentice star hits out at being sexualised while she was on BBC show
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Kathryn Louise Burn has fired back at critics during her time on The Apprentice (Picture: BBC)

star Kathryn Louise Burn slammed the way she was sexualised when she appeared on the show.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur, who was on Lord ’s business competition in 2022, slammed some TV fans’ objectification of the show’s female candidates and accused the viewers of focusing on what the women ‘look like rather than their capabilities and achievements’.

Kathryn uploaded a video criticising the way that women were described from her time on the show, which .

She wrote alongside the video: ‘”She looks like a trolly dolly air head. She should dress more like a man for business and not flaunt her body”… yep this was a comment about me when my photo was released 2 years ago for @apprenticeuk.’

She insisted she is ‘sick’ of seeing the same thing each time a new series gets underway with some people ‘concentrating on what they (usually the women) look like, rather than their capabilities and achievements’.

She questioned whether or not women need to ‘dress a certain way if they want to be taken seriously in business’.

She has blasted the way people spoke about her (Picture: Instagram/@kaggzlouise)
Kathryn, right, lost in the final to winner Harpreet Kaur in 2022 (Picture: Ian West/PA Wire)

Kathryn noted it was ‘outrageous’ the way the focus ended up on her bikini photos on social media, which prompted a response from social media users.

Recalling the response at the time, she slammed the ‘archaic’ way some people still look at the world of business.

She blasted ‘archaic’ attitudes around the series (Picture: Ray Burmiston/BBC/PA Wire)

‘I was called dumb, I had no business acumen, I was never going to get very far, I was there for fame, I looked like a Love Islander, there was no way I was going to do well, I was thick – all of these comments just because of this one photo,’ she recalled.

She added: ‘How ridiculous and how archaic and outdated is this attitude?’

The Apprentice returns to BBC One on Thursday at 9pm.