The Simpsons fans discover Mr Burns’ real age and it’s a lot to process
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 22
Just how old is Mr. Burns? (Picture: Disney/Fox)

When it comes to the true ages of each character from , it’s a question best left unanswered. Thinking about it too much makes your head hurt.

The show has now been on the air for 35 seasons, but, typically, virtually none of the characters have begun to age.

Bart remains 10, Homer remains roughly 40 years old, and family baby Maggie has only ever been shown as a grown-up in flash-forward or non-canon episodes.

However, is Mr. Burns, the owner of the nuclear power plant where is employed.

Voiced by Harry Shearer, who is now 80, Mr Burns (full name Charles Montgomery Burns) has been a series mainstay since the very beginning, often being used to parody the cruelty and greed of early 20th-century businessmen.

Now, one fan of the show on Reddit, Ridley CR, thinks they might have figured out exactly how old Mr. Burns is, but you’ll have to go back to the dawn of time itself to find the answer.

Mr Burns has tried to appear much younger than he is – we just didn’t know quite how much younger (Picture: Disney/Fox)

During an episode of The Simpsons’ 17th season, which was released just before The Simpsons Movie, Lisa and Mr. Burns attempt to gain entry into the latter’s panic room.

To get them both inside, Mr. Burns answers the security question ‘Enter your place of birth’ by typing the word Pangaea into the keypad.

Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed 335 million years ago and began to break apart almost 200 million years ago – it is the first ancient supercontinent to have been reconstructed by scientists over the last 100 years.

Harry Shearer has voiced Mr. Burns since 1990 (Picture: Getty)

If it’s true that Mr. Burns was born in Pangaea, that means Springfield’s oldest resident existed before the majority of recorded history.

Other references to Mr. Burns’ age have been made in earlier episodes, with Homer revealing that he thinks his boss is 104 years old after punching him the face during an argument.

Burns has also made references to old states and nations such as Prussia (now parts of Germany, Poland, and Russia) and Siam, which was the official name of Thailand until 1939.

In an early episode, during which he assembles a softball team for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he asks if Honus Wagner, Cap Anson, and Mordecai Brown are still playing – all three players were dead by 1955.

Other references to his age include him mentioning that his mother had an affair with 27th US President William Taft, who served between 1909 and 1913, and that he ‘stopped checking’ his stocks before the September 1929 Wall Street crash.

And it’s not the only , after finding out that Ned Flanders might well have had over 50 wives.

In a season 29 episode, a flashforward shows that Flanders keeps a shrine to his ex-wives, with pictures of them taking up almost an entire wall of his house.

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