The Traitors’ Aaron Evans’ mum had ‘lots of tears’ over son’s efforts to win prize money for her house deposit
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 25, 2022 - 03:06AM
The Traitors winner Aaron Evans wants to help his mum buy a house (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Paul Chappells)

contestant Aaron Evans has received a surprise call from his mum during an interview in which she praised her son’s efforts and pledge to help her buy a house.

Aaron was part of the trio, which also included Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski, who managed to make it to the end of the reality series and banish all of the Traitors, bagging a .

Making it clear early on that any money he won on the show would be going to his mum, host had the final five on Saturday where she told Aaron there was a special caller on the line who wanted to talk to him.

After introducing his mum Jenny to the other contestants and callers, Claudia asked him about his drive to get to the end.

‘You won for her, right?,’ Claudia asked.

‘Yes, all the way through in the roundtables, I was breaking down and I was telling myself do it for mum, do it for mum and keep fighting,’ he explained.

‘I think there was a point in one of the roundtables where I was about to just say “put me up there”, but then thought “no what am I doing” and keep fighting,’ he added.

Aaron, Meryl, Hannah each won more than £33,000 (Picture: BBC)

When Claudia announced Jenny was on the line the whole group got excited and started yelling out saying hello, before the host asked her about how proud she was of her son.

‘I am so proud of him. He had done amazing. The whole show is amazing and I’ve loved watching him,’ she said.

‘There’s been a lot of tears but I’m so proud of him.

‘The last few years have been hard and the fact he’s done something for me is so amazing.’

Before the call wrapped up, Claudia told Jenny she hoped she got her dream home soon, but joked about how Aaron was so determined to lock in any money at times, he forgot how much he would actually need.

‘At one point Aaron said he wanted to get you a house with three grand and I was thinking, “what is your mum a mouse? How is that going to work”,’ she said.

While Traitor Wilfred Webster was close to taking out the entire prize money, he said during the interview that after Aaron told him of his plans for the first time, he started realising that he would be ‘happy to lose’ to people like him.

‘Everyone deserved the money, don’t get me wrong, but towards the end you build different relationships with people [and want them to do well].’

After taking home the huge winnings, Meryl is planning a career change and some travel, while Hannah has said she is still deciding how to spend it.

The Traitors is streaming on BBC iPlayer.