The Traitors sees jaw-dropping betrayal as Alyssa banished after being ‘thrown under the bus’ by teammates
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 09, 2022 - 06:44AM
Alyssa has been sent home after being revealed as a traitor by her own team (Picture: BBC)

just as Alyssa became the first traitor to be sent home.

Hosted by , the BBC murder mystery game show has it all: tears, and even confessional boxes.

Now six episodes in, viewers have seen after mistakenly being accused of being Traitors.

However the three real traitors – Will, Alyssa and Amanda – have so far managed to remain under the radar as they continue to murder contestants every night.

This changed on Thursday.

The Traitors began turning against each other as Will publicly accused Alyssa of being a traitor, knowing full well that she was – as was he.

The contestants finally managed to eliminate their first traitor (Picture: BBC)

Alyssa, speaking to cameras, said she couldn’t believe he had betrayed her when they were supposed to be on the same team, but Wilf, shrugging, said they ‘had’ to get a traitor in order to get people off his back.

‘We need to look at people who are a bit quieter, who are playing the perfect game, and I believe it’s her,’ he said as he voted for her at the round table.

Amanda was seen putting her head in her hands at this stage – but as Alyssa turned things around and voted for Will as a traitor, it was left up to the final traitor to choose which of her secret teammates was going home.

‘I think out of the three of us she was the weakest link,’ she told cameras about her decision.

But she told the rest of the contestants she didn’t trust Alyssa’s excuse that she was constantly nervous because she was ‘around adults.’

Will, incredibly, burst into tears as Alyssa ‘revealed’ she was a traitor, with fellow players patting him on the back and comforting him because he felt so bad.

Absolute. Chaos.

Incredibly, Will’s Oscar-winning performance meant he was comforted by other players after he threw Alyssa under the bus (Picture: BBC)

Viewers watching from home were in absolute shock over the backstabbing, betrayals and acting that could genuinely win awards,’ with one declaring it was the ‘best episode so far.’

‘I cannot believe Wilf actually backstabbed Alyssa but one of them had to go,’ they wrote, while another demanded: @JUSTICE FOR ALYSSA!!!’

‘Poor Alyssa been thrown under the bus by Wilf. This is the best reality TV series ever,’ one ‘hooked’ viewer penned.

Another admitted they were ‘so invested in this I keep forgetting it’s a game,’ while one said they ‘gasped when Wilf exposed Alyssa.’

And things are only going to get more dramatic, as remaining traitors Amanda and Will were given the option to invite a faithful to become a traitor – in this case, Alex.

Amanda worried it was a ‘dangerous decision,’ but they decided that, with boyfriend Tom recently eliminated from the show, Alex might think ‘why not’ and join the dark side.

Tragically, we have to wait until next week to learn whether Alex decides to join Amanda and Will in an attempt to steal the potential £120,000 prize.

Earlier this week Ivan and Tom were banished from the castle, Ivan after being accused by Tom of being a traitor, and Tom as the group grew suspicious of his power over the rest of the contestants.

Recently eliminated star Tom spoke to about his time on the show, and how his relationship with Alex actually broke the series’ rules.

Tom made a massive revelation when he explained he and Alex were in a relationship (Picture: BBC)
The big reveal didn’t exactly go to plan and the magician was sent home after receiving the most votes from contestants (Picture: BBC)

He explained how the pair applied for the show despite knowing that contestants who know one another can’t apply, after he was originally meant to star on The Circle.

He added it was a ‘mutual’ decision to keep their relationship a secret from the other contestants.

‘It looks very much like it was Alex’s idea, and it makes it look like I’m really uncomfortable with it, but we thought if we went in there as a couple that’s unfair and they’ll kill us out straight away, we have to keep it a secret, there wasn’t an option,’ he explained.

‘People may feel for Matt because it looks like he’s been played along but ultimately like you’re watching it and obviously Alex is going to get hit on, she’s gorgeous.

‘But the thing is she’s just being her lovely friendly self, she wasn’t like leading people down the wrong path or trying to bring Matt in, he brought himself in basically, so we just felt confident in each other that we had to do it like that.’

The Traitors returns next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One