The Traitors star is looking pretty set for Celebrity Big Brother
Posted by  badge Boss on 4 weeks ago
Celebrity Big Brother could have a Traitor in their midst… (Picture: ITV)

After making a huge impression during season two of , one big star from the reality series might be about to join the line-up.

He may have lost out on the prize by inches, but of before his dramatic exit for being a super sleuth, which earned him the nickname ‘Jazatha Christie’.

Following his numerous close attempts to catch the Traitors in his midst, he was and Harry Clark, and take the £95,000 prize money.

After his departure from the show, Jaz, 30, admitted that it ‘hurt’ to be voted out so close to the end but insisted that he was ‘grateful’ to have had the opportunity to share his story – particularly about his past family troubles.

‘It’s given people encouragement to come forward,’ he told, regarding the story he told on The Traitors about finding out his dad had a second family. ‘[People] come to me to say, “Thank you for making us feel not alone.”‘

His first step after The Traitors, with fans clamouring for TV’s new favourite detective to join the rebooted series.

Jazatha Christie was a star on The Traitors (Picture: BBC)

On X, user Armand said, ‘Bring Jaz back on TV — Big Brother, Survivor, The Challenge. Guy’s got the instinct of a lone wolf,’ while another viewer, Jazzy, said simply: ‘Get Jazz on Big Brother.’

At present, Jaz, a national account manager from Manchester, is 2/1 to appear on the rebooted ITV show. Sticking with ITV reality series, it’s currently 3/1 that he takes part in I’m A Celebrity.

However, if he chooses not to cross the floor and remains with the BBC, then Jaz could well have a go at Strictly Come Dancing (4/1), or, if he fancies trying his hand in the kitchem, he’s 6/1 to go on Celebrity MasterChef.

The Celebrity Big Brother new series is set to begin in March 2024 following the success of ITV’s reboot in 2023, which was won by contestant Jordan Sangha, who lasted 42 days in the house before walking away with the prize.

Could it be time for Jaz to trade the Scottish Highlands in for six weeks in the Big Brother house? (Picture: BBC)

Fans of The Traitors are clamouring for Diane to potentially enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, with ITV themselves acknowledging just how many people want to see more of her.

However, she told : ‘Celebrity Big Brother is not happening because, sadly, if I met characters that really rubbed me up the wrong way I wouldn’t be quiet so I don’t think that would be a good idea.’

Meanwhile, Harry and Mollie, the last two survivors on The Traitors, are both being tipped for I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins appearances in the next 12 months.

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.