The Traitors star reveals secret note from Claudia Winkleman after not being allowed to keep ‘original murder letter’
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 25, 2022 - 03:06AM
Claire wasn’t allowed to keep her original letter but shared a sweet note (Picture: BBC)

star has shared the note she was given by host after being ‘murdered’.

Claire was a Faithful, murdered early on in the game by Traitors , and

Like many others in the game, she was ‘Ki**ed in the night’ and read the letter telling her she had been eliminated in a confessional.

However, Claire wasn’t actually allowed to keep that letter – but has another note gifted to her by Claudia.

Revealing the personal letter on TikTok, the 43-year-old said: ‘So a lot of people have asked if I still have my original letter from the Traitors, from the day I was [murdered].

‘No I don’t! They don’t let you keep them. But I do have this! This is the exact paper that we got, and obviously you heard us on TV say what we said about being murdered but this is a handwritten note from Claude.

Claire shared the note Claudia wrote her (Picture: Claire Barratt)

‘When we left, she sent the people that didn’t make the final these letters.

‘Mine reads: “Dear Claire, just wanted to write a small note to say a massive thank you for taking part, you were brilliant.

‘Theo especially hated you going. Can’t wait to see you at the launch. Love, Claude.”

‘So yeah, this is what you get, and obviously in the show you have the wax stamp, but I’ve got the wax stamp here on my envelope.

Claudia sent the players hand-written letters (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Mark Mainz)
Claire found out she was being murdered by the note (Picture: BBC)


Speaking to, Faithful Claire reflected on the experience and how thrilling it’s been to watch back, sharing that she left with a sense of ‘pride.’

Explaining that she has ‘no resentment’ towards the Traitors, she began: ‘It’s a game. They had a part to play like we did as Faithfuls. It was their job to go undetected.’

Claire continued: ‘Instead of resentment, what I have is a sense of pride that I was that much of a threat so early on, because I was kind of like the mum, cool auntie, because all the younger ones came and I had a good relationship with them because my eldest child is the same age, so I’m also a bit like a 20-year-old in my own mind.

‘So, for me to be a threat to the traitors for them to think, “She’s gotta go because everybody loves her”, I was like, job done, because I came in here to be myself and I’m liked and I’m loved and I’m seen as a threat so, no resentment at all.’

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.