The Traitors star tipped to make thousands in lucrative modelling deal despite losing prize money
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Mollie Pearce might be about to make back the money she lost out on (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Mollie Pearce’s time on came to the most brutal end imaginable – but her time on the show might have just set her up for life anyway.

The but was betrayed by winner Harry Clark, also 22, at the last second, denying her the £95,000 prize pot.

After initially vowing to never speak to Harry again, Mollie and the army engineer have reconciled, with .

Speaking to Breakfast after the finale, she said: ‘It was a game and at the end of the day, we all sign up for it. You go in with the chance of getting hurt so it’s all good vibes here.’

And after repairing her friendship with Harry, it seems Mollie is now set for a lucrative modelling deal with online fashion brand PrettyLittleThing.

Harry and Mollie’s friendship was strained on The Traitors (Picture: BBC)

Mollie, already a disability model, was praised during her time on The Traitors for spreading awareness of those with stomas, colostomy bags, and ileostomies, after having her colon removed aged just 18.

The Traitors star, who was also born with several fingers missing from her right hand, has previously modelled for brands such as Moxie London, with glamorous photoshoots highlighting her stoma bag.

Speaking to , one source said: ‘Mollie is exactly the type of new talent PrettyLittleThing looks to sign. Not only is she beautiful but she is inspiring to young people – and her message is really important.’

The star is tipped to make thousands (Picture: BBC)

The source continued, saying that Mollie has ‘caught the brand’s attention’, and that PrettyLittleThing are hoping to secure her, adding that several other retailers have shown interest.

It ended badly for Mollie on The Traitors despite making it to the final. With just her, Harry, and Jaz Singh remaining at the roundtable, Mollie had the choice to send either Harry or Jaz home.

Not knowing Harry was secretly a Traitor, waiting to seize the entirety of the cash prize, and trusting that he wasn’t lying to her, Mollie sent Jaz home, leaving Harry to take the full £95,000.

Mollie already modelling experience before The Traitors (Picture: Instagram)

In what will likely go down as one of the most painful moments in the history of British reality TV, – the pair had been good friends throughout the series.

After the series ended, Mollie said to Lorraine: ‘He said sorry, of course he did. I had my moment, which I needed. We all saw me walk out. I managed to talk to my parents and my boyfriend and they helped me get my head screwed back on.’

‘And then I saw Harry and think I called him another naughty word and then we hugged and went back to normal. He won fair and square.’

Mollie was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis aged 11 and lived with the inflammatory bowel condition for seven more years until she had life-changing extensive surgery to have a stoma bag installed.

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