The Walking Dead star Erik Jensen, 53, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 26, 2023 - 09:21AM
The actor starred on The Walking Dead almost a decade ago (Picture: AMC/Fox)

star Erik Jensen has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, receiving support from people including and .

The actor, 53, starred on the post-apocalyptic show in 2014, playing the role of outbreak survivor Dr Steven Edwards, a doctor at Grady Memorial Hospital.

He’s also appeared in TV shows including Mr Robot, Modern Love and , and is a playwright, screenwriter, and director.

In an announcement made on a, which he in turn shared on , it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer, a year and a half after surviving a brain aneurysm.

‘As many of you know, Erik is a deeply devoted father to 13-year-old Sadie, who’s the light of his life; an incredible husband to Jessica, his partner in art and life for the last 23 years; and a profoundly hardworking, generous artist who has spent decades committed to creating work in service of healing, justice, and making the world a better place,’ the page read.

‘He is one of the most hardworking, loving, truthful and devoted people we know. He needs to help his daughter grow up. He needs to stick around for the beautiful community he and Jess have built. And he has a lot more art to make in the world.’

The actor’s fundraising page explains that the actor is in need of support to cover the medical expenses, adding that his family’s finances have been strained by the strike (Picture: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)
The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is among those who have shown their support (Picture: AMC)

The update outlined that Erik’s cancer had metastasized to his liver, and they are hoping that doctors will be able to shrink the tumours so that he can undergo two major surgeries to have them removed.

Explaining the actor’s financial situation, the page read: ‘Erik’s aneurysm, the double strikes and now this diagnosis have put their family in an extremely precarious financial position and they need a lot of help to make it through the next year, pay for treatment to fight his cancer, keep their home, and maintain some sort of stability for Sadie.’

The GoFundMe page stressed that stage 4 cancer ‘is not a death sentence’, and Erik ‘is determined to make it through this’.

‘Erik can survive this– but they won’t be able to make it through without support. We are so grateful in advance for whatever you can give,’ they said.

On X (formerly Twitter), former showrunner of The Walking Dead Scott M Gimple urged his followers to show Erik their support.

‘One of TWD’s own could use a little help. Erik Jensen, who played Dr. Steven Edwards in S5 was just diagnosed with cancer, and it’s a time of great uncertainty for him and his family. If you want to send something his way,’ he wrote.

Jeffrey, who played the fearsome Negan on The Walking Dead, reposted Scott’s message, writing: ‘Never had the chance to work with Erik… until now anyway. Only have heard many things about what a great guy he is. I do know he and his could use some help…. Of any and all kind. Xojd.’

Erik then responded to Jeffrey’s message: ‘Thank you so much Jeffrey. (We were neighbors for a bit. ) Looking forward to meeting you and working with you someday. Your post means alot to my family. Thanks again for the support. @JDMorgan.’

On the fundraising page, the donations showed that The Last of Us actor Nick and his wife, Will & Grace star Megan Mullally, had donated $1,000 (£826).

Macmillan cancer support

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, Macmillan can offer support and information.

You can contact their helpline on 0808 808 00 00 (7 days a week from 8am to 8pm), use their , or for more information.