The Wheel contestant breaks record for winning most amount of money ever on Michael McIntyre’s show
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 20, 2022 - 03:15AM
The Wheel contestant Melfred has broken the record for winning most amount of money ever on Michael McIntyre’s show (Picture: BBC)

’s seems to have success written in the stars after a contestant broke the record for the most amount of money ever won on the show.

Just two weeks ago Helen from Edinburgh did the unthinkable when she after risking all the money that had been built up by the other two contestants throughout the episode.

But now Melfred from Oxford has triumphed in the show after also taking a huge risk, which saw him win £96,000.

Throughout the episode the three contestants all helped contribute, but as it came down to the closing moments, it was the chef who was in the hot seat.

Earlier saying that he would use any money won to put on an 18th birthday party for his daughter, he’ll surely have to be thinking of some other ways to spend all the extra cash.

Despite answering the least questions correctly throughout the episode, actress Gloria Hunniford was chosen as his expert as he put all the money on the line for a shot at doubling the pool.

Melfred said any money he won would go towards his daughter’s 18th birthday party (Picture: BBC)
Gloria Hunniford admitted she wasn’t much help (Picture: BBC)
The moment Melfred realised he was right (Picture: BBC)

The final question posed to Melfred was related to planets.

‘What is Jupiter’s red spot?,’ he was asked.

Given the options of crater, moon, sea or storm, and with just 30 seconds on the clock, he didn’t hesitate.

‘Jupiter is a gas planet so it doesn’t have a moon, sea or craters. It’s a storm,’ he confidently said.

It was clear that Gloria wasn’t needed, and she said: ‘You sound so knowledgeable and I am going to chicken out because there is so much money involved’.

Melfred has taken home £96,000 (Picture: BBC)

His gamble paid off, and he was correct.

Those watching along at home were quick to congratulate Melfred while others admitted they got emotional seeing what unfolded.

As Michael said, Melfred created his own storm.

‘This is fantastic, I am really speechless,’ he said once he took in the win.

‘I love this show and my wife kept telling me to sign up and I actually applied twice to make sure I got in’.

The Wheel airs at 6pm on Saturdays on BBC and is streaming on iPlayer.