The Who’s Roger Daltrey reveals one thing he fears will ‘destroy the music industry’
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 14
Roger Daltrey of The Who has one major fear for the music industry (Picture: Katja Ogrin/Redferns)

The future is here and believes modern advancements in artificial intelligence could ‘destroy’ the music industry.

has already caused a stir with artists expressing concern over their voices being imitated for covers on amid other wider issues.

The Who frontman never shies away from sharing his thoughts, as he previously revealed he sees and as he says he is .

He then claimed smartphones and TV are ‘brainwashing’ us all and killing humanity as screens become more embedded in our lives.

Roger has now set his sights on AI, but said he is reassured that its inability to feel empathy will be the technology’s downfall.

Speaking on Shaun Keaveny’s Daily Grind , the 80-year-old legend said: ‘It’s going to destroy the music industry if we’re not careful… music is a different language, and we shouldn’t let AI control that.’

He believes AI will never have the empathy of a real artist (Picture: GAB Archive/Redferns)
Roger thinks phones are brainwashing us too (Photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images)

He continued: ‘That will always contain empathy, and AI can’t do that. I won’t ever believe, if AI  can ever do empathy, then we are (done for.)’

The Pinball Wizard icon has made his distaste for modern technology very clear as he told the Daily Star he is terrified armies of ‘robots’ will rampage the world, inspired by Terminator.

‘Once AI controls the Internet, we’ll be in trouble. People addicted to their iPhones will be brainwashed,’ Roger has warned.

The My Generation singer added: ‘There’s enough people looking at their for eight hours a day, you don’t need machines to kill them.

‘You turn them round another way.’

Technology isn’t the only thing upsetting Roger as he called sitting down ‘the new cancer’, urging humanity to ditch TV as it ‘sucks up your life’.

‘I watch people losing their lives down this thing a phone,’ he added. ‘Life isn’t looking down – it’s about looking up.’

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