This Morning viewers struggle to watch ‘vomit sandwich’ cooking segment
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 03

viewers were horrified after whipped up the dishes tipped to be among .

The cook, 62, was trepidatious when he told fans on Tuesday’s show that as well more air-fryer recipes, ‘fun’ mash-ups would be prominent in the coming months.

To the initial sceptisism of presenters and , he decided to give them a taste of what’s to come, namely a ramen carbonara and a cheeseburger soup.

However, despite being popular among TikTokers, This Morning fans lamented on X that the creations looked ‘awful.’

‘Is it bad that I literally cannot bring myself to watch or live tweet #ThisMorning,’ Ross Kiernan wrote.

Commenting on the fusion cusine, Vanessa Hodges asked: ‘Is it clever, taking 2 existing dishes and putting them together? Is that the level of clever we are at? Have we ran out ideas or what? #thismorning.’

The carbonara ramen mixed parmesan with eggs and noodles(Picture: ITV)
Phil Vickery unveiled the biggest food trends for 2024 but they didn’t all go down well with viewers (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)
The cheeseburger soup included mince, mustard and lettuce (Picture: ITV)
The finished ramen carbonara which angered some viewers (Picture: ITV)

Allie, meanwhile, raged: ‘Carbonara/ramen? What fresh hell is this, #thismorning.’

Mrs Henry had a similar take as Allie on the cheeseburger soup, writing: ‘What is that? Vomit sandwich??’

Defending the latest innovation in food, Rylan joked that pizza chefs in Naples were now adding pineapple to pizza and raved about the carbonara ramen.

Josie and Rylan were, however, sold on the creations (Picture: ITV)

After taking a bite, Rylan said he was on the dish and commented that the ramen noodes ‘take on the flavour better than pasta.’

While Phil nervously described the cheeseburger soup as more ‘radical’, the creation went down a storm with Josie who declared: ‘I’m in love.’

For those who prefer their food more classic, Josie previously shared with her.

‘So what I do is I boil them – not too much, only a tiny bit, so they go a little bit fluffy. And then I heat up the pan, the baking tray, heat that right up, and then I get a tiny bit of rock salt in there or sea salt,’ she began.

‘But then, what I do is I put them in there, put the oil all over them, and then I sprinkle oxo cubes over them and roast them off, and you’ve never had anything so magnificent in your whole entire life.’

‘Proper flavour. Oxo. Cube. Potato. Together,’ she emphasised.

‘Do you know what – one thing I can do, I can make a good Sunday dinner. That is something I really am good at.’

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