Thousands of private messages from Shane Warne and more celebrities could leak after hacking
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 31, 2023 - 02:10AM
Shane Warne’s messages to a journalist are in danger of leaking after he was hacked (Picture: Getty Images)

There are fears private messages from the late could leak after becoming the.

The likes of Warne,, and more are at risk of having their messages L***ed after a prominent Australian .

showbiz reporter Peter Ford was locked out of his social media accounts and email, calling it his ‘worst nightmare’ – and sharing his fears that his messages with celebs could be L***ed.

‘Through the years I’ve gathered some great correspondence from angry celebs telling me off.

‘Everyone from Daryl Somers, Lisa Wilkinson to Derryn Hinch, he told .

‘I had hundreds, maybe thousands of private messages, usually Twitter DMs, from Shane Warne,’ he added.

Showbiz reporter Peter Ford was locked out of his accounts by hackers (Picture: Seven)
Cricketer Warne had send him ‘thousands’ of messages through Twitter, aka X (Picture: Getty Images)

While his relationship with Warne was civil, Ford has famously had ongoing Twitter spats with Today star Wilkinson, meaning the content of their DMs could make for interesting reading.

Ford’s position as a top entertainment reporter means he’s got links to some of the biggest celebrities in Australia and beyond, including cricket legend Warne, who died suddenly in March 2022.

Ford said he had received angry messages from TV personality Lisa Wilkinson (Picture: Getty Images)

His death led to , with the likes of Sir  and Coldplay’s Chris Martin for him.

Authorities confirmed at the time that 

It comes after a teenager was sectioned for life after hacking an stealing the source code for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 game and attempting to blackmail the company with its release.

Arion Kurtaj, who has severe , also stole 90 clips of the game, while out on bail for previous hacking offences.

The presiding judge said Kurtaj’s skills and motivation meant he still posed a high risk to the public.

He will remain at a secure psychiatric hospital for life unless doctors decide he is no longer a danger.