Tina Malone reveals she’s ‘overwhelmed’ in first message after husband’s death
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 18
Tina Malone has thanked followers for support after the death of Paul Chase (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Shameless star revealed she is incredibly moved by the outpouring of love following her husband.

The former housemate announced his death aged 42 in a statement on Wednesday, although she did not reveal the cause.

Tina wasand said it was ‘total heartbreak’ that he was no longer here, leaving her ‘devastated’.

She has remained quiet on since the announcement, with fans flooding her page with condolences.

Returning to, Tina wrote: ‘I am totally overwhelmed at the cards, flowers, messages, calls, texts, emails I’ve received from friends, family, colleagues, Paul’s army brothers. It’s a great comfort for us, I will reply to everyone soon as I am able to.

‘The support and kindness on here too has deeply touched me too xx.’

The pair were married for 14 years(Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

In their last public appearances together saw the happy couple beaming in August 2023, as Chase scooped up his wife in his arms.

Tina was laughing and smiling ear to ear as he carried her through the car park, having rekindled their romance in 2020 after a brief split.

The actress and her late husband share daughter Flame, now 11, who Tina .

Speaking to Metro.co.uk previously, Tina revealed that she and Paul were considering having another child, as they ‘have some embryos in Cyprus where we did our IVF and if I can talk my husband round we might go back – but we’ll have to see what happens.’

Together they have one daughter, Flame, who is now 11 (Picture: Ken McKay/Shutterstock)

She also has daughter Danielle, 41, who she had at 18; there is a 32-year age gap between her two children.

The couple had hoped to use a surrogate to have another child together, however, Flame remains their only daughter after the mum fiercely defended herself over being an older mother.

Tina portrayed Mimi Maguire in Shameless, as well as Mo McGee in Brookside. She also appeared on multiple reality and chat shows, including a stint on Loose Women with husband Paul.