Tom Hollander’s incredible X-rated confession resurfaces after Gregg Wallace gets viral roasting
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 07
Tom Hollander made a big confession in 2020 which is going viral again over three years later (Picture: Cindy Ord/VF23/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

flawed fans yesterday, and now everyone’s taken a trip down memory lane to.

Cast your minds back to 2020, and the and Prejudice actor, 56, declared to the world how he liked to spend his weekends.

While some might take this opportunity for a sprinkle of light-hearted publicity, perhaps detailing taking their dog for a walk in the park, or picking up croissants and oat milk flat whites like the wholesome celebrity they are, Tom decided to get, er, candid.

At around 3am or 4am, Tom explained how he wakes from his slumber, not out of a need to meditate, or do press-ups, or to seize the day, but to pee in the dark, using his screen ‘to illuminate the target’.

If its sunny, relatable king Tom might take himself off on a bike ride – but if it’s raining, forget it: he’s more likely to stay in for a good ‘masturbate and doze, or speculate on the extraordinary injustice of Philip Green’s knighthood, or look at that app that tells you which celebrity you most resemble (Tom Hardy)’. Iconic.

In the wake of Gregg’s confessions – which raised a few eyebrows, but more on that later – X, formerly Twitter, user @PaulG284 shared the 2020 paper clipping of featuring Tom, and wrote: ‘If you feel the need to decompress after reading the Day in the Life of Gregg Wallace, may I remind you of this masterpiece by Tom Hollander. Entertaining for completely opposite reasons.’

Gregg Wallace is currently being rinsed for his recent column (Picture: Andrew Matthews – Pool/Getty Images)
Tom revealed if it’s raining on a weekend he will most likely be found ‘masterbating and snoozing’ (Picture: John Nacion/Variety via Getty Images)

It clocked up 6,800 likes, with many people congratulating Tom on his honest approach to the article, calling him a ‘legend’ while @EL_Heath wrote, ‘Just the best,’ and @ManUtdMrs said: ‘😂😂😂 He’s one of us x.’

Gregg is being roasted online for telling this weekend about his curious Saturday routine.

The 59-year-old Masterchef star explained his start to the day, when he heads to the gym, and staff let him in at 7am – half an hour before opening time – so he can enjoy the facilities by himself. You know, before the riff-raff arrive.

One X user called Sian questioned: ‘Ok, who is opening up their Fitness First early to let in Gregg Wallace?’

Aiming for 7,000 steps a day, Gregg refills at his local Harvester, where he meets his personal assistant Helen for breakfast.

To this, X user called Anna remarked: ‘Imagine being that person at the gym who has to get there half an hour early so Gregg Wallace can have a solitary swim, or his PA that has to go to Harvester every Saturday morning and watch him eat his bacon and eggs.’

The agony of the routine continued, as Gregg explained how he then returns home to have lunch with his wife Anne-Marie Sterpini, before spending some time with his four-year-old son Sid, who’s non-verbal and autistic.

Gregg then confessed, on becoming a father in his 50s: ‘I’m a much better father now I’m older, although another child isn’t something that I would have chosen at my age.’ Ouch.

Undeterred, the TV chef continued: ‘I was always very honest with Anna, but it’s what she wanted and I love her.

Gregg made some pretty unrelatable confessions this weekend (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

‘I just requested two things – that we had help in the house (so her mum moved in), and secondly that we had at least one week a year when we holidayed just the two of us.’

Self-proclaimed ‘amateur historian’ Gregg then described how he plays video game, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.

Historians were quick to point out, this is not, in fact, what they spend their times doing.

Four days later, Gregg is still being rinsed online for his unrelatable routine, with X user @juliasuzanne76 writing: ‘As hard as it is being a single parent, it could be a lot worse. I could be married to Gregg Wallace.’

Meanwhile, @BradfemlyWalsh wrote: ‘The Gregg Wallace thing needs to make people look at how women’s work is invisibilised by society.

‘GW puts his success down to daily gym sessions, manifesting, journalling, reading etc – meanwhile, this is only possible because his wife and mother-in-law do absolutely EVERYTHING.’

Others compared Gregg’s daily routine as being reminiscent of Steve Coogan’s satirical character Alan Partridge, as many more shared memes and pointed out the TV chef’s apparent dismissal of his son in the article.

One user @mr_pete_redfern shared a picture of the front page of The Sun, showing a headline reading, ‘King’s 30min reunion with Harry’ and commented: ‘That’s even less time than Gregg Wallace spends with his son.’

While Gregg is yet to speak out over the backlash, Tom explained back in 2020 the reasoning behind his refreshingly honest viral confession.

Appearing on Lorraine, he explained: ‘It came out like that because they sent me a few versions of the column and all of them were men, who all seemed to be saying how marvellous their days were. 

‘They all woke up incredibly early then ran several businesses and did 150 press ups before breakfast and it was just one long boast. I thought it would be refreshing to do one about how life is really for most people, or a version of it.’ has contacted Gregg Wallace’s representatives for comment.