Towie’s Elliott Wright set to run 26 miles for Prostate Cancer UK challenge to honour his late father
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 17, 2022 - 02:43PM
Elliott Wright is running miles in aid of cancer next year (Picture: Instagram)

has explained why running a marathon for Prostate Cancer UK is ‘very personal’ to him after his late father was diagnosed with the disease.

Known for breaking hearts on The Only Way Is Essex alongside his cousin Mark Wright, the reality star will run 26.2 miles across January as part of the charity’s Run the Month Edition.

Sporting Prostate Cancer UK’s signature blue and black colours, Elliott announced he would be lacing up his trainers to raise awareness and money.

Having completed the challenge last year, the TV personality said his dad Edward was a big supporter of the charity before he died.

Speaking about his connection to the cause, Elliott told PA: ‘My grandfather had prostate cancer quite a few years ago now and he had his prostate cut out.

‘Unfortunately, my dad got it in 2013 and he didn’t deal with it quick enough and it spread, became terminal, and we lost him last year due to Covid-19.

The reality star wants to raise awareness for the disease (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)
Elliott lost his father to the disease a year ago and took part in the challenge in 2021 (Picture: Instagram)

‘But, fundamentally, because of the drugs that he was on his immune system was low.

‘So it’s a very personal cause for me. My dad was always a very keen person to try and raise awareness for prostate cancer so that’s why I’m trying to continue it in his honour, to a degree.’

Covering over 100 miles last year, the keen runner urged more people to get their prostates checked and to be made more aware of how common the cancer is for men in the UK.

The star, here with fiancee Sadie Stuart, warned of leaving checks too late and aims to raise money for Cancer UK (Picture: elliottwright_/Instagram)

He said: ‘It’s more about raising awareness.

‘That’s what my dad wanted to do. It’s nice to raise money if you can raise money but the most important thing is awareness because most men don’t bother to get checked.

‘”I don’t need to go to the doctors”, I’ve heard that so many times, even from people in my own family, and you sit there and think, “Just go and get yourself checked”.

‘There’s so many people that don’t check and then find out in the worst way.

‘If you can run 26.2 miles and manage to save one life or get somebody to check themselves a lot sooner, then you’ve done a great job. That’s how I see it.’

Information to sign up for Run the Month: Marathon Edition can be found at .

What is the prostate?

Only men have a prostate gland and it is usually the size and bears similar shape to a walnut. It does grow as you get older. The prostate sits under the bladder and surrounds the uretha - which is the tube that men urinate and ejaculate through.

The prostates job is to make semen which is the fluid that contains sperm.

Prostate cancers can develop when cells start to grow abnormally. Some men develop prostate cancer that is more likely to spread.

For more information about prostate cancer visit .