TV host admits to asking husband bizarre request right after sex
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 06
Sara Haines has made a bizarre bedroom confession (Picture: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

host has confessed the bizarre request she asks her husband in rather intimate moments.

On Thursday’s episode of the programme, the 46-year-old revealed her bedroom antics with husband Max Shifrin, who she married in 2014 and shares three children with.

The panel were discussing the and Sara didn’t hold back in revealing the bizarre thing she does ‘after the deed is done’.

As Joy Behar listed off including ex partners, Sara admitted she brings the plumber into conversation.

But not in the way you might think…

She explained: ‘Not right after, so what happens is sometimes when I recover, I think of all the things we still have to do.’

Sara married Max Shifrin in 2014 (Picture: sarahaines via Instagram)

As the panel chuckled at her use of the word ‘recover’, Sara went on: ‘When I roll over… I stop and I say, “Babe, did the plumber call today?”

‘I need to wait a little longer, which is why I look at my phone, like give him the whole five minutes before you ask him a question!’

When offered the reasonable suggestion of perhaps waiting until the next day, Sara simply replied: ‘Hell no!’

She continued: ‘We have three kids, we run in different directions.

‘When I get him, I get him.

‘When I get him, I get him,’ the TV host admitted (Picture: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for TIME)

‘He got what he wanted, I’m going to get what I want, “did the plumber call?”‘

Sara has previously joked about her sex life being ‘transactional’, saying she uses it to get her husband to send their children to bed.

In September 2021, she said, as per : ‘I turned to Max and I just said, “I’m willing to have transactional deals with you if you can just put the kids to bed please.”

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‘That’s about how romantic the suggestion felt too: “I will pay you in other things, other currency, if you go ahead and put those kids to bed.”‘

‘If that is what he needs, and this is what I need, I think it sounds like a perfect solution,’ she added.

The View airs weekdays on ABC in America.