TV host drops X-rated gaffe live on air
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 14, 2023 - 10:42AM

Spare a thought for TV presenter Kanoa Lloyd whowhile live on air.

This week the host of The Project New Zealand was presenting a segment about some important news regarding the reintroduction of three .

However, when doing so, a slip of the tongue left her and as she accidently dropped an X-rated gaffe.

The 36-year-old was reading from the autocue when she her pronunciation of ‘comeback’.

‘Longtime fans of Cadbury chocolates will be saying thank you very much with the return of three original flavours,’ she began.

‘After getting ditched in 2018, strawberry creme, orange creme and peppermint creme are making a c**box,’ she said.

The Project New Zealand Kanoa Lloyd dropped an X-rated gaffe live on air (Picture: Ten)

Quickly realising the mistake, Kanoa covered her face while breaking into fits of laughter.

Jumping in, her co-host Patrick Gower sought to clarify.

‘Comeback is the term I believe,’ he said.

‘It’s not a nightmare…we are actually on live TV,’ he added as Kanoa did her best to compose herself.

She understandably was left embarrassed by the slip-up (Picture: Ten)

The moment also caught the attention of many across the ditch, with their Antipodean neighbours over at The Project Australia not missing their chance to poke fun at the blunder.

On an episode of that show, host Sam Taunton joked that there was a ‘truly upsetting and unsettling update from the confectionary world’ before playing the clip.

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‘Oh no. Oh boy those sound hard to swallow,’ he quipped, before the studio audience gasped and laughed at his cheeky joke.

This is far from the first time the panel talk show has been caught up in some slightly awkward moments on air, with one notable slip-up occurring a decade ago.

Some Cadbury Roses are making a comeback (Picture: Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Back in 2012, The Project Australia host Carrie Bickmore accidentally dropped another C-word when trying to pronounce airline Qantas.

‘Virgin’s targeting key corporate routes hoping to win over C***-tas, excuse me, Qantas customers,’ she said, realising her mistake right away and looking shocked.

Without missing a beat, her then co-host Charlie Pickering quipped: ‘That address you’ll need is’

The host later shared an apology on social media, joking that: ‘Any publicity is good publicity right??!! Sorry Qantas Airways and my nan.’

The Project airs on Three in New Zealand.