TV star had to have fingers reattached after gory ‘fight with an angle grinder’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 13
Ryan Gallagher has revealed a horror accident (Picture: Instagram)

star Ryan Gallagher has revealed reattached.

The reality contestant, 35, appeared on the fifth series of the Australian version of the show, where he was paired up with Instagram model Davina Rankin.

He’s since gone on to , and The Challenge in 2020, where he met his now fiancée Emily Seebohm.

Sharing some gory pictures of his bandaged hand and the injury on Instagram on Saturday, Ryan thanked his partner for looking after him.

The former tradesman revealed the injury occurred after ‘a fight with an angle grinder’, a handheld power tool, while he was working on his car.

He wrote: ‘Thank you to everyone of the staff at the RBWH who were so bloody lovely the last week, I had a fight with an angle grinder working on one of my cars which got both my hands, tendons and index finger put back together in my left hand and tip of my rude finger re attached and half my finger nail put back in place.’

Ryan was ‘married’ to Davina Rankin on MAFS Australia (Picture: © Nine)
He now shares a baby with Olympic swimmer and fiancée Emily Seebohm (Picture: Ryan Gallagher / Instagram)

Joking about their baby son Sampson, he added: ‘Sampson now wipes my bum. Emily is a power house and I’m thankful for her and her family taking on what I can’t do for Sampson for a little while.’

‘**IF YOUR SQUEAMISH DONT SLIDE ACROSS**,’ Ryan warned, before showing pictures of his hands covered in blood, straight after the accident.

Ouch! (Picture: Instagram)

‘Crikey Ryan. I’m glad they saved everything. How clever is medicine,’ Australian TV presenter Tracy Grimshaw commented.

‘Omfg RYAN!!! I refuse to slide across. I’m so sorry. That’s so nasty. Was Emily there?! I’d have vom’d,’ comedian Nikki Osborne added.

MAFS co-star Sarah Roza penned: ‘Wowzas!!! 😮 That looks intense!!! 😳😳😳 Speedy recovery @ryangallaghergram.’

Married At First Sight Australia is available to watch on Channel 4.