TV star takes baby son to A&E after days of illness
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 14, 2023 - 07:57AM
It’s been a rough week for Jess Wright and little Presley (Picture: Instagram)

Reality star revealed that she took her baby son Presley to hospital over the weekend after days of health problems.

The former star of , 38, said Presley hadn’t been at his best for a few days, struggling with a persistent cough despite treatment with steroids.

Jess , another Essex native who has been friends with her brother Mark Wright for many years.

A lack of improvement forced Jess into action, and she promptly took her son to A&E where she was told to give him a round of antibiotics over the next few days.

Once she was home and , she shared what happened over the weekend with her 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

‘Day 46066 in the poorly household. Ended up going to A&E last night because his cough wouldn’t let up and he already had a steroid three days prior.’

Presley is now on antibiotics (Picture: Instagram)

‘He’s now on antibiotics. The 4.20am wake ups aren’t getting easier,’ she wrote, following up her post with the monkey-hands-covering-face emoji.

While Presley, , seems to be getting better now, it’s not the first time he’s struggled with his health this year.

Back in May, Jess informed her fans that her son was ‘very poorly’, adding that he had been prescribed a huge dose of ‘cuddles and rest’ in order to get better.

It has been a happy year for the recently engaged couple, though (Picture: Instagram)
Jess was a breakout star from TOWIE (Picture: Rex)

‘Mad few days… Skiing for 48 hours for husbands delayed 40th celebrations with friends, followed by home to my baby who then became very poorly.’

She continued, updating her fans on the situation: ‘Lots of cuddles and bed rest over here for this little one. Sorry for the radio silence be back soon.’

Shortly after her son’s birth, Jess revealed that Presley had been brought into the world via an emergency caesarean section procedure.

It’s not been a particularly fortuitous time for Jess’ former TOWIE co-star Meghan McKenna either, who’s recently.

Megan went into hospital for a procedure on her stomach last week and then returned on Thursday after suffering from ‘painful’ complications.