Twitch streamer calls out Trainwreck after he donates $16,000 Counter-Strike item
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30
These things are legit all related (pic: Twitter/CBS/Pexels)

streamer ChocoTaco has called out gambling streamer Trainwreck after yet another large donation on the platform.

Streamer and full-time gambler Trainwreck has made a name for himself by donating hefty sums of cash, cryptocurrency, and gifts to various streamers. He has also recently announced that he’s topped the on total giveaways.

However, Trainwreck’s donations don’t always appear to be in the best faith or to the best people. Recently banned streamer Destiny told the story of how after his controversial ban. While the reason hasn’t been revealed by Twitch, it’s assumed Destiny’s remarks around transgender competitors in sports is to blame.

This weekend, however, after donating a $16,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sticker to streamer GeT_RiGhT, ChocoTaco took to Twitter to claim that Trainwreck’s constant donations are suspect – and he did so via the medium of a Star Trek quote.

ChocoTaco is a popular streamer (1.3 million followers) that has gained respect from the Twitch community for his laid back attitude and Apex Legends streams. As mentioned in the Reddit thread discussing this matter, it’s very rare for ChocoTaco to call anyone else out.

His tweet, which quotes Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, hints that ChocoTaco might not see Trainwreck’s donations as anything more than a disguise to hide his current faults.

Trainwreck is known for his wild and extravagantly expensive gambling streams, where he will gamble millions each week to ever-growing audiences.

Twitch’s community is currently at an impasse over gambling, as streamers like Trainwreck and, both with massive, but younger-skewing, audiences have sparked concern over encouraging them to gamble on their sponsor’s website.

Both Trainwreck and xQc are sponsored by Stake, a gambling company that also allows you to gamble cryptocurrency on slots or sports. They’re also the gambling partners for and F.C.

However, Trainwreck’s large donations to other users have been seen as distractions from the issue of advertising gambling. Trainwreck will frequently tell people not to gamble but this hasn’t stopped younger members on Twitch from trying anyway.

Mizkif, another popular streamer, of , who mentioned that he’s actually tried gambling. Adin Ross, one of the , was also sponsored by Stake prior to his ban.

Trainwreck proceeded to bombard with multiple responses to ChocoTaco in what can only be described as word salad. saying that Trainwreck didn’t understand the quote, nor did he appreciate the fact that this type of response has caused harassment.

Other bigger streamers took to defending Trainwreck, with Asmongold – who is currently making a lot of money off of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial – contradicting his recent encouragement of banning gambling from the service.

Gambling on Twitch currently draws over 250,000 people every day according to the numbers on the slots category, with other streamers hosting poker and other games.

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