Warren Beatty accused of coercing sex from 14-year-old in 1973 in new lawsuit
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 10, 2022 - 10:42AM
Warren Beatty has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in 1973 (Picture: FilmMagic)

Actor Warren Beatty has been accused of using his fame and power to coerce a minor into sexual acts.

The Bonnie & Clyde star, 85, has not been named in the lawsuit, however it mentions the accused is ‘an actor nominated for Best Actor for his performance as Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde.’

The suit has reportedly been filed by a Kristina Charlotte Hirsch, claiming she was assaulted after first meeting Beatty when she was 14 years old.

According to, the woman claims she met the actor on a movie set and he ‘commented repeatedly’ on her looks, with Hirsch saying she was ‘thrilled’ by the attention by the adult man at first.

He allegedly gave her his phone number and began meeting with her regularly where they would go on car rides and talk about losing her virginity.

Hirsch claims in the lawsuit that he also ‘offered to help her with heer homework.’

The lawsuit goes on to say the actor used his fame and power to coerce her into sex acts for which she could not give ‘meaningful consent.’

The lawsuit names an actor nominated for an Oscar for his role as Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde (Picture: Getty Images for TCM)
The alleged crimes occurred in the 70s (Picture: Getty Images)

Hirsch is reportedly seeking damages, stating she suffered physical and emotional distress in the years following the alleged assault, and has required therapy ad counselling.

The outlet states that the lawsuit is being filed under a 2019 California law that has opened a window for survivors of historic childhood sexual abuse to begin court proceedings, despite a statute of limitations on allegations of sexual assault.

Beatty has been a big name in Hollywood for decades, and has been nominated for fourteen Academy Awards throughout his career, winning Best Director for film Reds in 1982.

He married actress Annette Bening, 22 years his junior, in 1992, and the pair have four children.

Metro.co.uk has reached out to reps for Beatty for comment.