WATCH: Aika Robredo Video Gone Viral On Twitter, and, Reddit!
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 14

WATCH: The Video Scan**l involving AIKA ROBREDO has been L***ed on Twitter and Reddit, causing social media to be engulfed in controversy: It’s true that social media may be a terrible environment for some people. This again, Aike Robredo has fallen prey to the viciousness and dishonesty of social media. She is the daughter of Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo, and she is assisting her father in the presidential election campaign. Leni Robredo is running for President of the United States, and her campaign is in full swing. However, Leni’s family has been the target of some despicable and weird political actions. Let’s have a look at them in the sections of this article that follow. To get all the information about the same headline, scroll down to the final line on the page.


AIKA ROBREDO Video Scan**l

Aika Robredo is Leni Robredo’s eldest daughter. She was undertaking a door-to-door campaign in Mandaluyong City on Sunday when she was victimized by social media’s wrath. Following her door-to-door campaign, a number of false links allegedly showing Leni’s daughter in a tampered phony s*x tape surfaced on the internet. Many screenshots of the video have been circulating on social networking sites, particularly Twitter and Facebook. The screenshots of the misinformation video are being shared by users on these two social media platforms. Continue reading to find out more about this subject.

Is the video Scan**l involving AIKA ROBREDO real or fake?

Aike, Leni’s eldest daughter, is currently 34 years old and is attempting to make his father’s election campaign a success. However, politics eventually showed her the other side of itself by attempting to smear her image and reputation. However, the Robredo family did not succumb to the falsehoods and misinformation and responded forcefully to the perpetrators. Barry Gutierrez, a representative for Aike Robredo’s father, Leni Robredo, insulted social media users by criticising their behavior of posting bogus s*x clip links of Leni’s daughter. Please see the next section to understand more about what he stated.

AIKA ROBREDO’s Video Has Gone Viral On Twitter and Reddit

“It was a disgusting and blatant kind of propaganda to contradict the development of Leni Robredo’s electoral campaign, who is fighting for the president,” Barry Gutierrez remarked. “The vice president has already taken legal steps to take those connections down,” he said, slamming the L***ed videos as a malicious fabrication. He also stated, “We’re looking into our legal possibilities to utilize against the perpetrators.” Regardless, Gabriela, a women’s rights organization, stated that there is no doubt that the attack on Leni’s daughter was motivated by political motives, given Leni’s strong chances of winning the presidential election.