Watch: Andra Escamilla Filtrado L***ed Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 27

The L***ed Video of Andra Escamilla Filtrado Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit: Andra Escamilla Filtrado is now generating news on news networks and social media. If you haven’t heard of Andra Escamilla, you should read this piece all the way to the end. Andra Escamilla is a nonbinary man who made the news earlier for an intimate video. Andra Escamilla, according to the source, felt the heat of the public spotlight owing to an intimate film that circulated on the internet a few days ago. However, the aforementioned individual has issued a statement in response to the ongoing controversy concerning him. Andra Escamilla caused a stir when she claimed to be a victim of digital violence. Continue reading the article until the end to learn more about this hot topic. Take a peek at all of the sections of this story by swiping down the page.

Andra Escamilla Filtrado

Watch: Andra Escamilla Filtrado L***ed Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit

According to reports, a number of images and videos of Andra Escamilla were L***ed without his permission a few months ago. Who L***ed his films and photos, and how did they do it? According to sources, Andra Escamilla is also on Fansly, a platform similar to OnlyF. And his indecent photos and videos will almost certainly be L***ed from that platform. However, the cliché is that those films and photos were L***ed without his permission. Please see the following section to see what he has to say about his L***ed videos and photos.

Video of Andra Escamilla Filtrado has been L***ed. Andra Escamilla, a Twitter user, urged his followers to report it and stop from sharing it if they see it. “Greetings, they released a Fansly video on Reddit and Twitter, and probably to Facebook and Telegram, so if you saw it please report it,” Andra Escamilla said in a statement. Andra Escamilla declared earlier this month that he would post explicit content to his Fansly account, but that the films would not be broadcast or shared on other platforms. If somebody is caught doing the same, he is committing a crime and may face harsh legal consequences.

Sharing someone’s indecent photos without their consent is illegal, and he might face a sentence of 3 to 6 years in prison. Andra Escamilla’s Instagram handle is @andramilla, and he has over 52K followers on the platform. That’s all for now on this subject; we’ll keep you updated as new information becomes available. Keep visiting our website and reading other articles on the same page until then.