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Bone Warrior is a real-life story showing the real life of our heroes who lived in under the Nations and sacrifice their life for the nation. It’s so the journey of a husband brother friend son who was a brave fighter. Talking about the bond Warrior web series cast there are 5 cast members including Arjuna Naik Aditya Veer Gaurav ghatnekar Devyani Mandapvagane gane Vikas Handa. It is a 16 + drama web series. This series has been directed by the prong Pandey and it will be released on the EORTV platform. This web series would be coming in two languages Hindi and Marathi. Bond Warrior is a documentary film in the story of bone Warrior Mahadev who was a commanding officer who was Ki**ed with 41 Rashtriya Rifles in the fight with the terrorist which happened in the Hazi Naka area near the line of Jammu and Kashmir in 2015 this is a very inspiring story and shows the love of the commander towards his Nation. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Born Warrior Web Series All Episodes

Bone Warrior is very brave and they never die this story is winning the hearts of many people. Talking about the platform e o r t v where the videos demand the media service platform and it is differentiated for the philosophy to focus on the audience which is LGBT you and other communities in order to eliminate any kinds of violence and discrimination based orientation. Talking about the logo of e o r t v E letter means equality. Talking to the soldiers and the commanders are very Brave in front of the nation they protect us from intrusions even if comes to their life they don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations rather and they look for a solution even in the most difficult times.

Born Warrior Web Series Release Date & Star Cast

Bravery is a leading matter and it is related to the Mentally and physically strong fighting despite the spirit facing high-risk bravery is one of the most important qualities of a soldier. In this story, the commander is brave and willing to do things that are dangerous and it does not show fair and difficult or dangerous situations he shows courage and he is bold enough showing no fare. That’s why people are looking forward and getting excited for this story to admire the quality of being able to confront whitening things it is not easy to fight a battle but it takes a lot of courage

A soldier shows the courage in the sense of acting away and it has been responding to the risk appropriately which is not over but yet confidently in a common way and it also hell and to accomplish the good things courage also the people to act against those who are threatened and who act in a bad way.