WATCH: Horse Blanket Girl L***ed Photo & Video On Twitter, Instagram, Reddit Link & YouTube!
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 01

According to recent events, shocking information is circulating in which a video of a 21-year-old girl is going viral, and the police in Oregon have refused to file a complaint after a brand new product revealed that there is some L***ed footage and flicks of her going viral, as well as a picture of her wearing a horse blanket.

Speaking of the video that is going viral on social media platforms, in which a female is climbing and riding a dull horse n**ed.n**ed. However, the woman’s identity has not been released. Stay tuned to learn more about her and keep an eye out for more updates!! The photographs that are going around on social media platforms are incredibly startling and strange, and they are not proper for purchasers to view.

Horse Blanket Girl Photo

What Is Horse Blanket Girl and What Does It Mean?

Everyone was curious as to who posted these photographs and who photographed them. According to her possessions, her lover took the photos and she expressed her desire to actually feel the horse. She’s standing and smiling from within the horse, which may be quite shocking.

Not only that, but there’s a horrific image of a woman and her boyfriend holding an animal half and it’s mentioned that they’re putting that half in front of their mouth and so they’re giving and standing going through the piece of the animal as if they’re going to eat it. All of the images are horrifying.

Photo and video of the Horse Blanket Girl have been L***ed

Washington state is currently examining each of them, but they do not appear to be able to pursue any charges against them because they have not breached any laws. The video, pictures, and graphics that have been used in these photos have shocked Washington state investigators and the general public. People have seen a lot of bad things on social media platforms that go viral on a daily basis, but they’ve never seen anything like this where an animal has been used.

According to the police, they discussed talking about the horse, indicating that they were in a dangerous situation.

According to the sources, each of the couples also shot the horse with a rifle, then attempted to kill the horse, and then chose to eat the horse’s meat.

If this information is correct, it would be against the law to kill any animal. After witnessing these kind of films, everyone is startled and worried, and they wonder what is going on with our kids and why they are doing such things on social media.