What Are The Racist Allegations Against Actor Mark Wahlberg? Know The Details
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 10

People say that Mark Wahlberg is someone they look up to. But his past gives some people a reason to say bad things about him.

People say that Mark Wahlberg used to be racist. A few things that happened to him in the past are said to have been based on his race. He was also found guilty of the crimes.

Mark Wahlberg

Does Actor Mark Wahlberg Have A Racist Past?

People talk a lot about how Mark Wahlberg used to be racist. Many people say that it happened in the past and that he has changed since then, but many others say that it didn’t happen. Some people still call him a liar if he talks about getting along with people of different races.

When he lived in Boston in the 1980s, he was twice accused of hate crimes against black people. Independent CO. Uk says that one of the things he did got him sent to jail.

At age 15, he and three friends were accused of chasing after three black children, throwing rocks at them, and chanting “Kill the n*****s.” Luckily, a person driving an ambulance stepped in and stopped them.

The next day, he made trouble for another group of black kids at the beach. The people who died were between nine and ten years old. There were also some other white men who helped him treat those kids badly because of their race and throw rocks at them.

Two years later, in 1988, he attacked two Vietnamese guys. He was on PCP at the time, and he told one of the men, “Vietnam f***ing” before hitting him with a five-foot wooden stick and knocking him out.

On the same day, he attacked another man who had also served in the Army. He is said to have hit him in the eye.

What Are The Allegations Against Mark Wahlberg?

Even though the accusations against Mark Wahlberg are old, they still follow him. People often talk about the things he did, which are said to have been based on his race.

He and two of his friends were found guilty of the first attack by a court. They were charged with breaking civil rights laws and given a civil rights injunction, says Independent Co Uk.

He was charged with attempted murder for the second one, but he pleaded guilty to felony assault instead, saying that he had been drinking and that the attacks had nothing to do with race.

But he couldn’t get out of his sentence because he was found to have broken the law. He also got two years in prison because he had broken a civil rights order that said he couldn’t hurt, threaten, or bother anyone because of their race or nationality.

Mark Wahlberg Racist Incident Explained

Mark Wahlberg spent 45 days of the two years he got for attacking two Vietnamese men in prison. In 2014, he tried to get his record cleared and get a pardon.

He said that he had changed over time and realized that he had been wrong. But one of the black children who was hurt said that a racist wouldn’t change because she believes that a racist will always be racist.

The Army veteran who was attacked, on the other hand, said that he should be forgiven.

He said that the actor was young and careless at the time of the crime, so he shouldn’t have been punished for something he did so long ago.