What’s Spa Water? Cultural appropriation claims are being looked into as the Latinx community criticises the TikTok trend.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 30

TikTok is all about new trends that often bring to light new items or products that end up becoming viral, and this time, the viral product is Spa Water. To make the Spa Water,  mix chunks of cucumber and fruit with some water, lime juice and sugar.

Despite its popularity, the water-based drink is also raising some eyebrows as people are finding it controversial.

The Latinx community on TikTok is calling out people from across the world for appropriating the drink, which is a Mexican drink called Agua Fresca. The Mexican community on TikTok is infuriated that influencers aren’t giving credit where it is due for the drink and its origins.

Here is everything you need to know about the controversy.

What is the Spa Water controversy?

After the popular TikTok’s pink sauce, another pink item has landed itself in a hot soup.

Spa Water was brought onto the platform by influencer Gracie Norton, who says that it supposedly has many benefits like hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. As mentioned earlier, the drink isn’t Gracie’s invention and is in fact, a Mexican drink which means cool water in Spanish.

Unsurprisingly, the Latinx people on TikTok are accusing people from across the world of refurbishing and  the Mexican Agua Fresca. One user tweeted their frustration at the TikTok version of the drink and said:

Another user called out  on TikTok and said:

“This is the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation. If you want to appreciate this culture, share it, share where it came from, call it by its name. Don’t give it your own white name that you decided it feels like you should put on it. Give credit where credit is due.”

In the video, the user can also be heard saying:

“They’re calling it ‘spa water.’ You know what I think of when I think of spa water? I think of… a bathtub of dirty a**, sweaty water.”

Additionally, a lot of Latinos are also making videos calling out people making videos about this water-based drink. They are voicing the frustrations of the above-mentioned user in terms of asking people to give credit to the Latin community when they use things that are popular in Latin culture.

Due to all the controversy surrounding the drink, Gracie deleted her video. However, that wasn’t all. Due to all the backlash, her account was also banned on TikTok.

However, Gracie took to Instagram to issue an apology. She said:

Gracie Norton is a 24-year old , based in Indiana. She is a brand manager for startups and is oriented towards promoting healthy food and lifestyles.