Who Are the Parents of Stella Jones? Mick Jones and Miranda Davis. Are They Relatives Of Kate Moss?
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 30

Stella Jones’s parents, Mick Jones and Miranda Davis, are models. Among the many reasons for her fame, the fact that she is usually seen with Kate Moss and her kid is especially notable.

Stella’s TikTok account is increasing her popularity. She has uploaded numerous vids in the past few days.

Jones is a social media personality; she has many Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok followers. She is a celebrity child because her parents are renowned figures.

Stella Jones Father Mick Jones And Mother Miranda Davis Are His Parents.

Stella Jone’s parents are celebrities. Mick Jones is her father, while Miranda Davis is her mother. Her mother is an actress and film producer best remembered for her role in Bright Young Things.

Her father was The Clash’s co-lead vocalist, lead guitarist, co-founder, and composer until 1983. Mick and Don Letts co-founded Big Audio Dynamite in 1984.

Since 2002, he has been a part of the Carbon/Silicon band alongside Tony James, and he was a member of the Gorillaz live band on their 2010-2011 world tour. Mick founded the Justice Tonight Band with Pete Wylie and former Farm members in late 2011.

In the 1970s, he rose to notoriety as a guitarist with his glam rock band, The Delinquents. Shortly after meeting Tony James, he founded the protopunk London SS. However, the band disbanded and pursued other opportunities.

Are Stella Jones And Kate Moss Related?

Stella Jones and Kate Moss are not connected by blood, but they are quite close. She has an excellent relationship with her daughter, Lila Moss, and they are considered best friends.

Stella is likewise represented by the Kate Moss Agency. Her body measurements are displayed on the Agency’s official website. The Agency, founded in September 2016 and based in London, is a British talent agency.

Utilizing KMA’s exclusive relationships and industry knowledge, the team provides bespoke management services to each individual within the worldwide media industry.

If Lila Moss is not with her mother, the supermodel Kate Moss, she is likely with Stella Jones. It is easy to understand why they are best friends: both of their parents are recognised.

Stella Jones Family And Siblings

Stella Jones may not have any biological siblings, but she has close pals who she considers family. She considers Lila Moss a close friend and is often spotted with her.

They photographed together in London ten years ago, with the launch of the Japanese brand Hello Kitty.

Lila and Stella were photographed at a party hosted by Hack to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his trendy magazine, Dazed and Confused, on Tuesday. The following evening, they went out again to the China Tang restaurant in Mayfair, where Kate, aged 47, arranged a birthday party for her only daughter.

The celebrations took place after the teens, who are both signed to Kate’s modelling agency, impressed Milan Fashion Week attendees during a combined Versace and Fendi presentation.