Who Is Elyse Cizek? TikTok Star Asks Trevor Noah To Be Her Boyfriend, Goes Viral
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08

These days, uncounted agonist actions are being made by content creators or the popular face of digital platforms, and almost always, these activities lead to anything communicative. In other words, agonist activities have become ubiquitous. Something very similar is making headlines once more as a well-known South African comedian named Trevor Noah is being asked out on a date by a TikToker by the name of Elyse Cizek to be her boyfriend. Yes, you heard that correctly; she asked him something to such an extent that it made him a little worried because he never ever expected it; in a nutshell, she asked him spontaneously to be a part of her life because she wants to share her personal space with him. Yes, you heard that correctly; she asked him something to such an extent that it made him worried a bit because he never ever expected it.

According to the exclusive claims or sources, a video was recently shared on social media in which Elyse can be seen posing the question to Trevor as to whether or not he would be interested in going on a date with her. In the video, she is opening up about her emotions, but Noah is silent since the manner in which she posed the question was too impromptu. Therefore, she did not comprehend the circumstances concerning how to respond to her query because she asked him out on a date without even giving it a moment’s thought before she did it. The couple is the focus of the video, which continues to be animated while also drawing a lot of attention to themselves so that viewers can understand everything.

Elyse Cizek

Who Is Elyse Cizek?

Now, uncounted people wanting to make themselves aware of Elyse Cizek as strong searches are detected on her name. She is a popular TikTok user who shared a video of her proposal on August 24th, 2022, and up to this point, the video has received more than 210,000 views along with the 19000 likes. In the video, she is saying that “Hi this is Elyse, do you want to be her boyfriend? Can we go out on a romantic date because her mother mentioned that the two of them complement each other so well and that they look stunning when they are together? She went on to say that she is aware that he resides in New York and that she resides in Los Angeles, but that the location of either of their homes is completely irrelevant.

Elyse Cizek, also known as Elyse Michele Cizek and recognized as the model, novelist, actor, singer, and songwriter as well, catapulted to recognition with the publication of her book “Nudity” in 2016, in addition to all of the other things she is known for. Her book Watermelon is included in the collection of poetry that she has written, and it discusses the transformational character of women. The book itself is a compilation of poems. Therefore, if you are interested in going into more depth, you should look for the video that is currently going viral on social media, and if you want more information, you should stay tuned with us.