Who Is Erin Moriarty Boyfriend In 2022? Facts To Know About “The Boys” Actress Dating Life
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 30

Erin Moriarty is an American actress who is best known for playing Annie January and Starlight in the Amazon Prime Video show The Boys.

Even though she knows a lot of artists, she never talks about them in public. So, rumors about her love life can neither be proven nor disproven. The rumor says that she’s been making things hard for her followers.

Erin Moriarty

Erin Moriarty Boyfriend 2022- Who Is The Boys Actress Dating Now?

Even though there are lots of rumors that the star of The Boys is hiding her boyfriend in 2022 and is dating Antony.

In the end, those are just rumors, and the actress hasn’t done anything to set her fans straight. It can only mean one of two things. If Erin is single and doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now, then it could be true and she doesn’t want to care about the rumors.

Erin has always been a private person who didn’t want other people to know about her life. Also, she has never posted a picture of herself with someone who seemed odd. Because of this, it gets harder for people to figure out who her boyfriend is. Everything is going well, and she seems to enjoy being on her own.

Also, Erin seems to be completely focused on her job. Based on how she acts, it seems unlikely that she will soon get engaged in love.

From her Instagram photos, it looks like she likes hanging out with her co-stars on the set of her acting jobs.

If you look at her Instagram, you’ll see that she hasn’t posted any pictures of her with a boyfriend, if she has one. We can guess that she is single because of this. We don’t know if she’s single or not because she’s good at hiding her love life.

People think that she has dated a few people in the past, based on what they read on the Internet. The actress didn’t confirm any of the relationships or let the public know about them, which was a shame. She does this to get people interested in her private life.

Is Erin Moriarty In Relationship With Antony Starr?

Antony Starr, who worked with Erin, was said to be her boyfriend. In The Boys, they became enemies out of the blue. No one knows if they were seeing each other or not. But no matter what they talked about, they tried to keep it quiet and out of sight.

On-screen rivals and real-life partners, however, are trying to keep their relationship quiet and have not yet confirmed or denied these rumors.

The actors who play them get along great, even though their roles couldn’t be more different. Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty say that the fact that they are close in real life made it easier for them to act out the tense relationship between Homelander and Starlight.

In an interview with Nerds & Beyond, the actors said that when the cameras aren’t rolling, they enjoy being around each other. This friendship was important to Season 3’s exploration of Homelander and Starlights, because every interaction between the two characters walks a fine line between reluctant tolerance and outright hostility.

Erin Moriarty did post a lot of pictures of Antony Starr to mark his birthday. All of these pictures looked like they were taken in places where the cast of “The Boys” hung out. Erin Moriarty ended this birthday spam for Starr by saying, “Starlight and Homelander are best friends.”

Moriarty says, “You might not think that a close friendship would work well as a rivalry on TV, but we just have fun with it, so it works perfectly. We get along well.