Who Is Keeley Colbran? Meet Simple Simon Daughter On TikTok
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19

Popular TikTok personality Keeley Colbran is well-known for the dance and humorous videos she uploads to the app under the handle @keeley.dancex.

Keeley’s father, Simple Simon, a prominent figure on social media, is another source of her fame. He gained notoriety on social media as a result of an argument he had with Cal the Dragon during a TikTok live stream. Simple Simon is a social media sensation in addition to coaching football.

In comparison to her daughter Keeley Colbran, Simon Colbran has more engagements on TikTok. The father and daughter team regularly share TikTok content on their own accounts. Keeley’s proficiency at football makes sense given that she is the football coach’s daughter. Football player and freestyle dancer, according to her TikTok bio.

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Keeley Colbran

Who Is Keeley Colbran?

English social media sensation Keely Colbran has 70.8k followers on Instagram and 371k followers on TikTok. On Tiktok and Instagram, she uses the handles @keeley.dancex and @keeley.x.x, respectively.

Simon, Keeley’s father, has amassed 11.3 million likes on his page and 418.8 thousand followers on TikTok. Given the size of the interactions compared to Keeley’s, it is reasonable to believe that Simon is to blame for his daughter’s success on the app. The credit is different, though.

Keeley was the one who joined the app first and became successful. She later convinced her father to sign up for TikTok. Actually, Keeley bears some of the blame for her father’s success as a social media personality.

The content Keeley produces for her social media sites is mostly responsible for her online stardom. She started using TikTok on December 6, 2019. Keeley is well-known on Tiktok for her hilarious antics and freestyle dancing. She primarily shares photos with her father and pals on Instagram.

Keeley doesn’t have many Twitter followers compared to other users, but the app users perceive her as a football fan. On her @KeeleyColbran3 Twitter account, she frequently retweets articles about football.

How Old Is Simple Simon’s Daughter?

Keeley was born on April 4, 2003, making her age now 19 years old (2022 as the reference year).

At Loughborough University, this 19-year-old is presently studying her bachelor’s degree. It can take some time before it is known what Keeley plans to major in. Her age suggests that she is likely in her second semester of college.

Keeley could be making thousands of dollars through her social media activities because, despite her youth, she is a webstar. According to reports, her father also generates a sizable net worth through his TikTok activities.

Does Keeley Have Siblings?

Given that she hasn’t shared pictures of her siblings on any of her social media profiles, Keeley doesn’t appear to have any. She probably doesn’t have any siblings because she is a social media star and her social media posts are the only source of information about her personal life.

The only information the Internet has about Simon is that they are Keeley’s family and that their father and daughter have a tight bond. They routinely show up in each other’s TikTok videos where they may be seen dancing silly. In her TikTok videos, Keeley can be heard making fun of her father for losing TikTok fights.

Given that she is not mentioned in either Keeley’s nor Simon’s social media posts, Keeley’s mother’s identity also appears to remain a mystery.