Who Is Manjinder Virk Husband Neil Biswas? Family Details About The Trigger Point Actress
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Manjinder Virk is a well-known British actress who won the best of the fest award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

The well-known author wrote and directed the short films “Forgive” and “Out of Darkness.” She also played Karen Slater in a number of TV shows, such as Holby City in 1999 and Doctors in 2000.

Manjinder has also been in other dramas, such as The Bill (2004), Runway (2009), and Midsomer Murders (2016-2018).

Virk played Detective Inspector Samira Desai in the 2022 thriller series Trigger Point.

Manjinder Virk Husband Neil Biswas

Who Is Manjinder Virk’s Husband Neil Biswas?

Neil Biswas, who is married to Manjinder Virk, is a well-known British screenwriter. He was a co-producer on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, which was the most popular drama.

The artist is best known for his part in the real-life TV show Bradford Riots, which he also wrote and directed. The drama shows what happened during the riots in 2001 through the eyes of an Asian family. It also won the Arts Council England Decibel Award.

Darkness Visible is a full-length movie that was written and directed by the producer. He is also a playwright. His plays Crash, Skirmishes, and Overhear have been performed on stage.

The actor has many skills, and he has also written for BBC Radio Four, Royal Court Young People’s Theatre, and English National Opera.

What is The Age Gap Between Manjinder Virk And Neil Biswas?

Neil and Manjinder live with each other in Brixton, which is in South London. Neil was born in 1971 and Manjinder in 1975, so they are about four years apart in age.

In 2007, on the set of the TV drama Bradford Riots, the two well-known British directors met.

Manjinder and Her Husband’s Net Worth

The famous couple makes money from their great TV dramas, movies, and screenplays.

Based on social factors, Maninder’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $662,000 million, while Neil’s net worth is around $300,000.

Maanjinder and her husband make a living by writing for movies and acting in them. They also make short films and full-length movies, and the money they make from these is also added to their total income.

Manjinder and Neil’s Family and Children

The well-known TV star was born into a very open-minded and hard-working Indian family.

Harbhajan Singh Virk and Jasvir Virk are Manjinder’s parents. She has a brother and a sister. She said that her father was in the Indian Workers Association and raised his two daughters like boys.

Virk’s brother encouraged her to follow her dreams in the arts and acting.

Neil has never talked about his parents in the news or online. He didn’t want people to know about his family.

Neil and Manjinder have a six-year-old son and a ten-year-old daughter. They both have to take care of their kids and sneak away for a few hours to go to work.

As parents who work, they have a very busy schedule. But they make sure to spend quality time with their kids and make memories with them.