Who Is Nash.Dc On Tiktok? Is His Account Still Banned?
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19

A well-known Tiktoker is Nash.Dc. Before his account was suspended, he was just over 100,000 followers away.

After learning that their favourite Tiktoker, Nash Dc, has had his account disabled, fans are concerned. They have asked the website to unban his account.

Nash.Dc On Tiktok

Who Is Nash.Dc On Tiktok?

Popular TikTok user Nash.Dc is well-known for his style and videos. He attracted netizens’ attention quickly because of his charisma and beauty.

The contents of the platform were instantly well-liked, and he almost attracted a million followers. His profile was recently banned, though.

Fans concerned about the situation as soon as his account was suspended. He reportedly already had a new account with the handle @sqrr0w, according to speculations.

Despite having more than 10,000 followers, the profile doesn’t share any videos. As a result, the account’s veracity cannot yet be established.

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Is Nash.Dc Account Still Banned?

It is still unknown why Tiktok banned the Nash.Dc account. His supporters claimed that the material he released did not also contravene the rules of the neighbourhood.

Many believe that his account was banned arbitrarily as a result. Additionally, Tiktok could ban a user’s account if they discover that they are utilising unofficial apps to increase their following. This typically results in a brief ban that lasts for only a few days.

Violation of the rules or the presence of any indication of unlawful activity in the materials is another basis for being banned. This can result in a lifetime ban.

Similarly, if a user is under 13 years old, they frequently have access to the platform restricted. Tiktok does not allow users under the age of 13 to have profiles. If the business learns, they will be promptly fired.

The Tiktoker hasn’t yet solved the problem, though. His supporters, however, are pleading with Tiktok to restore his account and assert that his materials were never damaging.

What Is Nash.Dc Real Name & Age?

The real name of Nash.Dc and his age have piqued many people’s curiosity. When it was found that he was under 18, it came as a stunning realisation to many of his followers. According to some, he was just 16 years old.

Some adult admirers voiced worry over how they were unaware of their affection on a teen. With his charm, Nash had won the hearts of both men and women.

As the adage goes, “Appearances may be misleading.” Nash does not look like a youngster, and many assumed he was at least older than 18.