Who Is Natalia La Vikinga From Survivor? What You Didn’t Know About Her
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Participant Natalia Alcocer Camelo is from Survivor Mexico (2021).

The tribe’s members were Adianez Hernández, Gary Centeno, Pablo Mart, and Paco Pizaa. They formed an alliance known as the Dream Team and were regarded as the most powerful. Natalia was included in this coalition. Together, they were successful in winning the first round of voting. Nevertheless, when the tribe’s other members learnt about their alliance, they came together to oppose it.

Together, they took first place in the voting. Natalia was one of the first candidates to be singled out by this organised minority after being nominated in the sixth cycle. After some time had passed, Gary and Guillermo Dorantes defeated Natalia in the Extinction Duel, making her the first member of the Dream Team alliance to be eliminated.

Natalia Alcocer

Who Is Natalia La Vikinga?

Natalia La Vikinga, a well-known reality television personality and actress from Mexico, is actually Natalia Alcocer.

Natalia, who was born in Mexico City in 1989, earned her degree from the University of Iberoamerica. She also received her degree from the Madrid-based European Institute of Design.

Natalia, according to her IMDb biography, played a variety of roles in the 2013–2016 television series “La rosa de Guadalupe,” including Angélica, Aranza, Lisbeth, and Alondra. Natalia gained the moniker “La Vikinga” when taking part in “Survivor Mexico” in 2021 because to her brave actions while playing the game.

Prior to that, Natalia competed on a number of well-known reality shows, including “Zona Ruda” and the Mexican version of “Big Brother.”

She spent a total of six years with her ex-husband Juan Jose before the depressing specifics of their relationship came to light. Natalis, on the other hand, moved on and is now having a wonderful relationship with Michale Con D Real.

Michael can be seen grinning and having fun with the actress and her three young daughters on Natalia’s Instagram, which offers a glimpse into the couple’s cherished private lives.

Is Natalia La Vikinga Married?

Business tycoon Juan José Chimal Velasco was Natalia Alcocer’s previous husband. Together, the couple had a child.

Industrial systems engineering is a subject in which Mr. Velasco has a lot of experience. He oversees Grupo G Ingeniera as managing partner. This company specialises in planning, creating, carrying out, and maintaining networks, electrical projects, and projects involving telephones and automation.

The main source of Chimal Velasco’s fame is his relationship to Enrique Pena Nieto, the former president of Mexico. In 1995, Nieto wed Verónica Pea Nieto, the sister of Velasco. As a result, the ex-couple had a happy family life up until Natalia learned of her husband’s infidelity in 2021.

Natalia La Vikinga Domestic Abuse Case

Natalia Alcocer started talking openly about the emotional and physical abuse she experienced at the hands of her spouse in the year 2021.

Her Instagram posts gained popularity as she talked openly about the mental torture she had had before to meeting Juan José Chimal Velasco. Martina, the actress’s elder daughter, was the one who discovered her father Juan’s adultery with her mother. Natalia made the decision to divorce her adulterous husband as a result.

However, in Natalia’s account of what happened, Chimal Velasco persisted in verbally harassing her on her financial situation. Even though she had already begged him to end their relationship, something happened.

Her Instagram page has developed into a platform for those who are unable to speak up for themselves after experiencing mental abuse in a romantic relationship. She uses it to raise awareness of this type of exploitation among her followers.

Natalia La Vikinga Net Worth

Thanks to her accomplishments as a businesswoman, reality television star, and well-known actress, Natalia draws a sizable sum of money.

Natalia’s success can be credited to her dedication to pursue her passion, which has led to a net worth of about $2 million. Natalia is able to maintain her luxurious lifestyle despite the amount of effort she puts in since she has various roles in the company. Although her exact earnings are unknown, they are said to be rather significant.