Who Is thebrandonrobert On Tiktok? Talk About An Awkward Pregnancy Reveal
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30

Tiktok user thebrandonrobert has 11.2 million followers. His video of his girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement has been viewed over 30 million times.

A video of a pregnancy announcement gone bad has surfaced on the internet. It was a video by thebrandonrobert, who currently has 11.2 million Tiktok followers.


On Tiktok, who is thebrandonrobert?

Thebrandonrobert is a Tiktok user who has 30 million views on one of his videos. The video depicts a failed pregnancy announcement.

In the video, his partner presents him a positive pregnancy test. On camera, he makes a mournful look and remains silent for a while. When his partner asked why he wasn’t replying, he explained that he had a trip planned for the following week that he couldn’t miss.

The girl explains why he will be unable to attend the vacation. When the girl inquires about it, he responds that it is a covid test result and that he believes she has got the virus.

He also discusses why she was there when her test results were positive. Many people watched the video because of his humorous response. However, there is a second set of videos after that.

He eventually reads the test correctly in a later video and realizes he’s made a huge error. However, near the end of the video, he expresses his desire for a boy.

Brandon Robert Pregnancy Reveal Gone Wrong Series- Who Is His Wife?

Brandon Robert’s girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement is botched since he mistook it for a covid test. He does not, however, have a wife. He considers her to be his companion.

Similarly, a series of films released in the aftermath of the pregnancy announcement drew additional interest on the platform. He received a lot of hostility after informing her he wanted a son. His reaction was not happy even after he discovered the pregnancy test.

Brandon Robert claimed he had been duped. Tiktok source: @thebrandonrobertIn another video, he explained that he behaved in this manner because he knew his fiancée had cheated on him and that the baby was not his. It was also met with a lot of criticism.

Then another video surfaced in which he claimed his girlfriend is insane because she previously became enraged at him because he gave his mother a Valentine’s gift.

What is the real name of thebrandonrobert?

Brandon Robert is the real name of thebrandonrobert. He is a social media influencer who is 24 years old.

The new viral video and the backlash he’s received are considered to be a hoax created by content providers to gain attention. While some people accept this rumor, others say his girlfriend should stay away from him since he does not deserve her.

Nonetheless, the truth has yet to be revealed, leaving only speculation on the internet.