Who Is Theonecornelia TikTok? Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 26

Theonecornelia is a TikTok user who has posted a video of domestic violence on her TikTok account. Her recent video about her ex-abuse husband’s at home has gotten a lot of attention.

On her Tiktok account, she also has other videos.

TikTok is a social media site where people can make and share videos about anything.

TikTokers never fail to amaze us with their amazing videos that people can’t get enough of. People have used Tiktok to tell others about their problems and get through big crowds.

Theonecornelia, a Tiktok user who talked about her problem in videos, definitely got people’s attention, and now everyone is interested in her problem.


Who Is Theonecornelia On TikTok?

A TikTok user named Theonecornelia recently got a lot of attention after she and her friend shared a video about his ex-husband hitting his current wife.

They just posted a video about domestic abuse, which has gotten a lot of attention from the media. People are watching the video and want to know more about what’s going on.

As of this writing, 7.5 million people had watched the video they shared, and 380.2 thousand people had liked it.

She also put other videos on her Tiktok, and those videos got a lot of views and likes. She has shared more than just a lip-sync video; she has also shared her own films.

@theonecornelia is her user name on Tiktok. She has 95,900 followers and 652,600 likes.

Theonecornelia TikTok: Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki

Theone Cornelia, a tiktok user, has shared information about how his ex-husband hurt his family.

They put the video on social media with the caption “This is why I wear a bandana.”

The girl put out a video where she talked about what had happened. She’s already said that “When we were both 27, I was lying down with my 3-month-old child and feeding her. My ex-husband was standing in the doorway when he shot me in the face with his shotgun.”

Since they posted a video of the violence, a lot of people have asked them why his husband did what he did. In the Tiktok videos, they answer the question by saying that they don’t know why her husband did what he did.

She has also said, “Forgiving yourself is the key to getting better.”

Theonecornelia Tiktok Face Story

Domestic abuse has gotten a lot of attention because @theonecornelia’s Tiktok video talks about it. The girl has been seen with a prosthetic on her face.

She has said that after the event, everything went black and she was aware that she felt lost.

When the friend of the victim went to call 911, she saw their daughter standing in the doorway. She went to get the two of them and take them to the bathroom.

She told their daughter to lock the door and not open it until she called. Just then, her ex-husband came out of the bedroom crying and said his life was over.

He took the gun and threw it down the hallway, and she ran to the bedroom to take care of the child.

They both went through something terrible, and the girl now has prosthetics all over her face. From what the video shows, it looks like she is having trouble speaking.