Who Is TikTok User 3st.herrr? Twitter Cheating Allegations Against Esther Ng
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15

Who Is TikTok User 3st.herrr? Twitter Cheating Allegations Against Esther Ng

3st.herrr On TikTok

Today, the trendiest name on social media is “3st.herrr.” People are very curious to find out more information about the new online celebrity.

Whoever hasn’t heard of 3st.herrr is missing out; she’s a social media influencer who gained notoriety swiftly. She has a devoted following on Tiktok. Following charges of cheating, Reddit’s popularity has recently increased.

Who Is TikTok User 3st.herrr?

Instagram influencer 3st.herrr, whose real name is Esther, uses the platform. She has 960 thousand reactions to her posts and 70.4 thousand followers on Tiktok.

On Tiktok, Esther is well recognized for posting a variety of things. Her videos range from dancing to lip-syncing. She frequently talks about skin care and makeup as well. She also publishes lifestyle vlogs. One of her favorite videos features her lip-syncing to the song Exile by Taylor Swift. More than 73.3 thousand individuals worldwide commented on the video.

In addition to Titkok, 3st.herrr receives revenue from her company 3st.collective and Only fans.

3st.herrr’s Height & Age Information

It seems that 3st.herrr is in her twenties. She hasn’t given all the information regarding her birthday.

The influencer’s Instagram photos show that she is taller than 5 feet 1 inch.

For the time being, we do know that @3st.herrr is from Singapore and that she practices Christianity.

Allegations of Cheating by 3st.herrr Using Twitter

According to rumors, 3st.herrr is cheating on her partner. Her name has been associated with cheating on her boyfriend and dating a man. But as of this writing, there is no evidence.

She has received a lot of comments on Instagram. On one of her Instagram photographs, a person remarked; “How is she still an influencer when she is so unethical? She really ought to be dropped, lol. Why do companies ever cooperate with her?”

A different user said: “Do you want to break any more rs? You still want to take other people’s boyfriends and gaslight the victim when you are in the wrong; being a serial cheater is insufficient. Stop behaving as if nothing happened when you’ve been known for the terrible things from the beginning from such a young age. At the very least, apologise and express regret.”

Similar to what one user said, “genuinely hate women like you; if a man is attached, leave him alone (even if you believe he is unhappy in the r/s; that is their problem to resolve). Quit tricking the victim.”