Who Is Tiktok User Starwarsdinx & Why Is The Internet Shutting Him Down?
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 16

Who Is Tiktok User Starwarsdinx & Why Is The Internet Shutting Him Down?


On Tiktok, Starwarsdinx was a well-liked page. A puppet was utilized to present Star Wars information.

After receiving a great deal of criticism and controversy for his views on racism and homophobia, Starwarsdinx vanished from the face of social media. Some internet users are still looking for her romantic interest, though.

Who Is Tiktok User Starwarsdinx?

A puppet named Starwarsdinx from Tiktok delivers Star Wars-related information. He was seen as someone who is soft-spoken and exudes optimism because so many people like his work.

On Tiktok, he had a number of followers, but the account has since been deactivated due to a Scan**l. He is said to have shared a Daily Wire piece titled “Marvel Studios Chief Promises LGBT Superheroes” based on online debate. Additionally, after posting it to his Facebook profile, he added the remark, “As if destroying Star Wars wasn’t horrible enough.”

“We knew it was coming,” the subsequent remark said. Gay marriage merely widened the way for everything else. Despite the fact that all of these statements and actions were done in 2018, another influencer is said to have revealed the truth.

People are accusing him of being racist and homophobic as they learn more about the kind of remarks he has published online. After receiving criticism, he released an apology video in which he attempted to make it clear that he disagreed with Disney’s decision to use the “gay agenda” to promote ticket sales.

He continued by saying that he disagreed with the lifestyle Disney was attempting to promote. People therefore believed that he might be homophobic based on his words. They even expressed dissatisfaction because his apologetic video did not appear to be one.

Additionally, there are statements regarding how he deleted his social media accounts after telling another influencer how he wants to live his life without being told what to think.

Real Name of Starwarsdinx Revealed

The real name of Starwarsdinx is reportedly Alex Mcconnehey. The screenshots of his Facebook profile taken before it was deleted show that he was an account executive at AVI Food Systems.

He was the previous director of Sales for Anthony Wayne Vending. He had previously served on the Waterloo Town Council. He attended Bluffton Garrison High School and Southwestern Assemblies of God University to study Church Ministries.

He worked as a sound engineer for Indiana-based Interdependence Media. He is a married man in addition to that. Teresa is the name of his wife, Mcconnehey.

Fans are disappointed by Starwarsdinx after the homophobic controversy.

Homophobia is alleged to exist in Starwarsdinx. People voiced their disappointment at learning the truth.

They were mistaken regarding the identity of the Star Wars-related puppet that used to speak. People adored the puppet who could speak in delicate, lovely tones. Many individuals still have trouble accepting what happened, though.

Even while he pretended to want to apologize, he made an effort to prove how wrong others had perceived him. He claimed that his choice of words was incorrect, not because he intended to come across as racist or homophobic.

Consequently, some individuals argued that he was trying to defend himself rather than express regret.