Who Is Tina_042 On Tiktok? Everything We Know About The Web Star
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19

Young TikToker Tina 042, also known as Valentina Gonzalez, recently became well-known online for her relatable comedic videos on the app.

The TikToker made her debut on the platform over a year ago, but only recently did admirers start paying attention to her. As a result of her popularity on the social media site, she has since gained internet stardom.

Let’s find out more about TikToker, starting with her true name, where she’s from, how old she is, and the other social networking sites where the young creator is active.


TikTok: Who Is Tina_042? Real Name Of The TikToker

Valentina Gonzalez is the real name of Venezuelan TikTok user Tina 042. On the video-sharing website, the youthful creator posts comedic videos that have amassed over 571.3k followers and 20.4 million likes.

Younger viewers may relate to her humorous skits and videos, which has helped her garner a lot of attention on the website. While she often receives approximately a million views on TikTok, some of her videos have over 10 million views and over 2 million likes.

TikToker Tina_042’s Age

Tina Gonzalez’s TikTok bio states that she is 18 years old, making her a 2004 birth year. The TikToker joined the platform in 2021 and began posting dance videos on TikTok with her long hair.

Her content was typical; she posted thirst traps and tiny dances while lip-syncing to tunes like everyone else on the platform. She had a big metamorphosis in 2022, though, when she chopped off her trademark long hair.

She gradually shifted her focus away from the typical TikTok dances and into comedies that her young audience could identify with. With one of her videos receiving over 10 million views, Tina has recently started to take off on TikTok.

Since June 24, the popular video has received over 2 million likes and 11.7 thousand comments. All of her most recent videos have received over a million views and more than 100,000 comments.

Meet The Internet Celebrity On Instagram

Following her success on TikTok, Tina has amassed a sizable following on other social media platforms like Instagram under the handle @fw.tina42 o. With only three posts, the creator has amassed over 73.4k followers and describes herself as a digital designer in her Instagram bio.

Gonzalez disclosed on her social media page that she is a Canadian-American who works for Venezuela as a digital developer. Tina recently posted an advertisement for a game that claimed her followers could earn quick cash by simply playing it.

The TikTok inventor utilized Snapchat, which she published on Instagram under the account tinaofficial760, to stay in touch with her growing fan following.

On her LinkTree, where she has also linked another one of her TikTok accounts with the username @tinagonzalez760, with 97.8 k followers and 1.1 million likes, you can discover links to all of her social media sites.