Who Was Bruno Falcon? Meet The Choreographer Behind One Of Michael Jackson’s Hit Moves
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 04

The public is worried about Bruno Falcon’s Wikipedia page after he died from an illness. Bruno was known for his dancing.

Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon, a pioneer of street dancing who was also in the 1984 hit song “Breakin’,” died on Saturday at the age of 58.

Diana Wolgamott, who was his sister, has told a number of news outlets, including ABC7 in Long Beach, California, that Falcon died of natural causes.

Family members, friends, and coworkers like Toni Basil, who tweeted about Falcon, have also shared the news on social media.

Bruno Falcon

Bruno Falcon Wikipedia: Who Was He?

People were interested in Bruno Falcon’s Wikipedia page after he died because he was connected to Michael Jackson.

Falcon showed how good he was at locking in the Joel Siberg-directed cult classic in which he played Electro Rock 1. Some of the most famous are Ice T, Timothy “Poppin” Pete Solomon, and Adolfo “Shabba Doo,” who died on December 29, 2020.

Falcon is best known for his many recordings with Michael Jackson, like “Smooth Criminal,” which was the title song of the 1988 movie Moonwalker.

The well-known dancer also appeared in the Breakin’ 2 sequel Electric Boogaloo, a 1985 episode of Benson, 1986’s Captain EO, and 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

The “anti-gravity lean” is shown being done by Jackson and Falcon. He also did the choreography for the 1994 animated movie Thumbelina and was in the music videos for Chaka Khan and Lionel Richie.

Bruno Falcon Death Cause Was A Heart Attack

After his sister told the media that he died of a heart attack, many stories on the Internet say that he did.

Diana Wolgamott, the East LA native’s sister, told TMZ on Sunday that she thinks he died of a heart attack and that there won’t be an autopsy.

Breaker, a famous musician who worked with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and played the lead role in the 1984 cult film Breakin, has died. No official cause of death has been given.

Bruno was a wonderful, kind, and giving person. He always had that beautiful smile that made us feel good inside. A talent that is remarkable and unique. He and Michael Jackson will always be thought of as the best dancers ever.

Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón, who was one of the first people to do flashdance, Grammy winner Jermaine Dupri, Grammy nominee Omarion, and four-time Grammy nominee Sheila E all said they were sad about the first-generation B-boy.

Bruno Falcon Had An Illness And Health Issues Before His Death

Bruno Falcon was sick and had a very serious health problem before he died, according to his family.

Many people think that this artist’s sudden and early death, which happened when he was only in his 50s, was caused by an illness and not by anything natural.

Aside from his job, he never put his personal life ahead of anything else and spent all of his time dancing. But his death has made it possible for his family to be seen.

Toni Basil, who was nominated for a Grammy and is best known for her 1981 song “Mickey,” tweeted that she had worked with “the famous revolutionary brilliant dancer” for “many years” and that she was a “longtime dear lovely friend and collaborator.”