Women’s World Cup commentator slammed over shocking sexist remark
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 21, 2023 - 09:43AM

A commentator has been slammed for making a sexist remark about an Australian player during the .

On Thursday, in host countries Australia and New Zealand.

In their , Australia took on Ireland and after scoring a second half penalty courtesy of Steph Catley.

However, a comment made by Channel Seven’s David Basheer has been taking some attention away from the sport.

The journalist was covering the game from Sydney’s Stadium Australia, where a record crowd of 75, 784 attended.

After the goal, the team, crowd and commentators were pretty excited, however Basheer chimed in with an observation about midfielder Katrina Gorry that left many people confused, as well as angry.

Australia’s Katrina Gorry was the subject of the sexist statement (Picture: AP Photo/Hamish Blair)

‘The smile says it all from Katrina Gorry,’ he said.

‘Certainly, motherhood has not blunted her competitive instincts, that’s for sure.

‘She is one fighter for Australia.’

While his comments may have been well-intentioned, they fell flat with many.

Commentator David Basheer was slammed for his comment about the football player (Picture: Twitter/ AP)

‘Can the male commentating the Matilda’s Ireland game please refrain from suggesting it’s great a player’s competitive instinct hasn’t changed since she had a child?’ writer Dr. Victoria Fielding posted on Twitter.

‘Why on earth would a woman’s sporting drive change through childbirth? You wouldn’t say it to a father playing sport,’ she added.

‘Don’t know if that commentator has ever met a mother…the most instinctively competitive people on earth,’ comedian Dan Ilic shared.

Former ABC News presenter Emma Alberici simply wrote ‘huh?’

‘As we celebrate women in sport and continue to argue for equality what type of archaic commentary is this, Channel 7?,’ another viewer wrote, while someone else described the comment as ‘disgraceful’.

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Gorry, 30, gave birth to her daughter Harper in 2021 after undergoing IVF treatment.

After taking some time off, she returned to the Australian squad in April last year.

Meanwhile, England are set to on Saturday, when they take on Haiti, who are playing in the tournament for the first time.

This match takes place at Brisbane Stadium and kick-off is at 7.30pm local time (10.30am in the UK).

Metro.co.uk has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

The Women’s World Cup is available to watch on BBC and ITV.