X Factor icon makes long-awaited return to the stage 15 years after first finding fame
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 02
Cher Lloyd sang her certified hits to a roaring crowd this weekend at Mighty Hoopla (Picture: Ken McKay/Talkback Thames/REX/Shutterstock)

Former star returned to the stage for the first time in two years at Mighty Hoopla to delighted crowds.

The chart-topping singer last performed in 2022 but is finally back on the live music scene. She showed up to the musical festival in red camouflage cargo pants, a bejewelled black crop top and chunky gold hoop earrings.

Cher, 30, performed a mini set including Oath, Want U Back and None Of Your Business before ending on her number one debut single Swagger Jagger from her 2011 studio album Sticks and Stones.

The music artist finished fourth place in the 2010 reality singing competition that featured memorable acts such as Wagner, , Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle.

She initially became a frontrunner for the show after her with her cover of the Keri Hilson version of Soulja Boy’s song Turn My Swag On aged 16.

Although Cher’s last song, Baddest featuring Imanbek, was released in 2021 her fanbase is stronger than ever and shared their love for the singer on social media.

It’s been two years since she last performed (Picture: Wirelmage)
One fan said she was ‘absolutely killing it’ (Picture: Wirelmage)
She hasn’t released an album in a decade (Picture: Wirelmage)

Cher married Craig Monk in 2013 and the couple share two children together, Delilah-Rae, 5, and Eliza Violet who was .

The triumphant stage return comes after Cher and her family were involved in a .

She took to Instagram to share that her brakes failed with ‘no warning while driving’ with her two young children.

‘I’m counting my lucky stars that my family is safe. This beautiful vehicle, however, has retired well before her time,’ she said about her Ford Ranger which she was travelling in at the time.

Cher with her husband Craig (Picture: Vianney Le Caer/REX)
She has released a handful of singles over the years (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
She was part of The X Factor the same year as several other big names (Picture: Ken Mckay/Talkback Thames/REX/Shutterstock)

Cher released her second album, Sorry I’m Late, in 2014 but is yet to release her third.

In 2019 she opened up about her music journey to the BBC.

She said: ‘When you enter the music industry at such a young age as I did, you haven’t found your feet as a young adult, let alone as an artist. So I think I had to grow up and discover who I was and how I want to be heard.’

At the time she teased an album would be arriving in 2020 but never materialised.

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The same year she spoke to about becoming a mum for the first time while continuing her music career.

‘When it comes to having things to do, like if I’ve got a session or a show or a photoshoot, it’s not just get up and go and do it. I’ve also got a 16-month-old baby that I have to consider.

‘The balance of being a pop star and a mum can be really tricky. I really struggle to leave her. It is horrible, it’s the worst.’