Xbox Indiana Jones game may come to PlayStation after all says rumour
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30
The deal for the Indiana Jones game must’ve been made with the new movie in mind (pic: James Mangold via Twitter)

Despite it being developed by an owned studio, the new Indiana Jones game might not be exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles.

Even though release platforms were never confirmed, it always seemed safe to assume that the would be an Xbox exclusive.

After all, it’s in development at MachineGames, the studio behind the modern Wolfenstein games, which is a subsidiary of the .

However, a recent claim says that the Indiana Jones game won’t be an exclusive, suggesting that it will come to the PlayStation platform, and perhaps .

This would make sense if the deal between Bethesda and Lucasfilm Games was made before the Microsoft buyout. After all, the Indiana Jones game was revealed only four months after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda was announced.

The claim itself comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who has previously L***ed multiple unannounced Xbox projects, such as 2D side-scroller .

While discussing the game on the , Corden bluntly said that Indiana Jones isn’t exclusive to Xbox, adding that this is information he heard about a year ago.

‘I don’t think it’s exclusive but, you know, things can change. It was a long time ago I heard that it wasn’t exclusive, about a year ago,’ says Corden. ‘So, if it has gone exclusive, then it happened in the last year or so.’

That’s certainly possible. At first Microsoft implied Starfield was multiformat but later revealed that it was, in fact, exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Another possibility is that the Indiana Jones game will be a timed exclusive or Microsoft will simply have a marketing deal to promote the game. Perhaps something similar to Activision and Sony’s deal to promote Call Of Duty on PlayStation, despite it being multiplatform.

Whatever the case, the game is likely to be connected to the that was announced recently. The film is scheduled to release in June 2023, so work on the game must have started with the knowledge that a new movie was being made.

This doesn’t mean the game will be a direct movie tie-in though, like the old Last Crusade games from LucasArts, since Bethesda’s announcement says that it will feature an original story.

The plan is probably to have the game and movie release within the same window, for cross-promotional purposes.

While nothing has been confirmed, we could potentially see more of Indiana Jones at the , which is taking place on June 12.

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