xQc gambling controversy: Twitch streamer viewers spend $119 million of their own money
Posted by  badge Boss on May 21
xQc continues to gamble with his audience’s patience (pic: xQc)

, xQc’s gambling partnership has apparently generated $119 million in wagers on his sponsor’s site. 

xQc, the star on the platform, has landed himself in yet more hot water after taking up gambling again, despite admitting he was addicted and being lambasted live on stream by his father for losing $2 million. 

The Canadian is currently sponsored by Stake, who also happen to sponsor some of the biggest gambling streams on Twitch, FC, and the . Stake has also dominated rapper Drake’s Instagram feed with advertisements. 

While partnered, xQc has access to a shared referral code, so when anyone uses it, it can be tracked to see how much is being spent. As of right now, xQc states that $119 million has been used from his code alone, either on slots or sports bets. 

Stake is different from the rest of the industry, being one of the newer crypto gambling websites. This means bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are supported can be used in lieu of hard cash.

This makes it easier for American streamers like Trainwreck, who are known to gamble millions on Stake, even though the company does not have a license to operate in the US.

Streamers from all platforms have started to push back on these types of streams, mostly since it’s been proven that other gambling sponsors have provided cash for massive wagers so that nothing is lost by the streamer – but providing false hope for those who fall into the advertising trap.

It’s clear that xQc’s streams, even though he only recently restarted gambling again live on stream after dropping it last year, have enough spending power to generate an extraordinary amount of cash. 

On stream, xQc say that it was ‘not crazy’ and adds the caveat that some of the earnings could be from free spins in the slots.

Others have suspicions that the streamer is simply exaggerating to fight back against the detractors in his audience. Calls for him to prove his claims went ignored in chat. 

Gambling continues to be a hot button issue on Twitch, as its audience grows every day, at the same time as concerns over impressionable younger-skewing viewers.

xQc in gambling on Stake with bitcoin (Source: xQc)

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