Yinrun breaks hearts with honest admission about struggles in Big Brother house
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 12
Yinrun made the admission on tonight’s episode of Big Brother (Picture: Big Brother)

made a heartbreaking of – she feels that don’t want to talk to her.

The house is currently taking part in its first shopping task in order to win money for the food and drink budget.

As part of the challenge, the housemates have been divided into three groups – the big wigs (who very appropriately are actually wearing big wigs), middle management, and the bottoms.

Big Brother selected Yinrun, Trish, and Henry to take the top positions and they delegated the other roles.

While having a heart-to-heart in their big wig office, Yinrun opened up to Trish about sometimes feeling ignored by the other housemates.

‘I’m so happy to be up here because you are here, because you two are here,’ she began.

Yinrun has already won the hearts of the nation four days after entering the house (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

‘Otherwise, I would just be there doing the paperclip and no one would talk to me.’

The ’employees’ in the bottom ranking have been asked to assort paper clips into different colour categories.

‘They would just say “How are you doing?” and I’d say “I’m great, thank you” and that’s it.’

‘Is that all they keep doing to you?’ responded Trish.

‘Yes,’ confirmed Yinrun. ‘Nothing else. Every time. “How are you doing?” I’m like “Great” then they just walk away. I’m like “Talk to me”.’

Yinrun opened up to Trish (Picture: Big Brother)

Trish then offered her new friend some words of support.

‘They are missing out on you because you’re so f*****g hilarious. The people who get to talk to you get to see how fantastic you are.’

When Trish is done with Big Brother and gets her phone back we’d really appreciate it if she could send us daily motivational texts.

Trish isn’t the only one in Yinrun’s corner, plenty of viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, to voice their support.

Yinrun wants people to talk to her more (Picture: Big Brother)


Another added: ‘Not Yinrun saying no one speaks to her. She breaks my heart omg. We must protect her at ALL costs. She is too precious.’

One person watching at home was completely here for the Trish and Yinrun friendship: ‘Hearing Yinrun saying people wouldn’t talk to her but Trish giving her words of affirmation…I cannot.’

Elsewhere in the episode, tensions also began to build between the housemates, particularly between Kerry and Farida who clashed on their ideas of how to best execute the task.

Yesterday, Hallie was slightly frustrated by Farida, after

Farida, 50, decided to ask Hallie if the people who fancied her would be considered gay. Hallie calmly responded by explaining she is a woman, so the men wouldn’t be gay but later aired her slight annoyance to fellow housemates.